Activity Monitor 4.4 build 2241 with bugfixes

August 27th, 2008

Deep Software has released bugfix build 2241 for Activity Monitor version 4.4. It includes fixes for following issues found in Activity Monitor version 4.4:

  • Agent Log not recording on computers with international versions of Windows containing non-English characters in “Application Data” folder name
  • Agent log not recording if no Agent password is set

To get the new build simply redownload Activity Monitor from the same location that yo downloaded version 4.4. To apply fixes you need to update Agent installations. There is no need to uninstall Agent, just run the installer or installation script and it will update Agent.

There is no need to download this update if you are no affected by the issues listed above.

Activity Monitor 4.4 released

August 6th, 2008
  • new: Log Viewer: Top Websites report that shows a list of most visited websites per user
  • new: Log Viewer: Search reports on current tab and all tabs
  • new: Log Viewer: Filter by date range: today, yesterday, custom range, etc.
  • new: Log Viewer: Report tables are divided by days
  • new: improved security – password protected and encrypted Central Log Database (strong AES encryption) Set strong Activity Monitor password to have database securely encrypted
  • new: improved security – logs stored on monitored computers are strongly encrypted
  • new: improved security – list of Agents is stored in encrypted format, icnluding remembered Agents passwords
  • improved: improved security – password protected login to Activity Monitor
  • new: IntelliSnap™ technology for Screenshots. Activity Monitor takes screenshots based on user actions and not just every few seconds, like in previous versions. This advanced technology allows you to view remote screen in near live mode without using much network traffic
  • new: export/import of Agents list. Copy a list with all Agent settigs to Activity Monitor on other user account or computer
  • new: view list of open Applications or all Processes in monitoring window similar to Tasks Manager
  • new: Applications tab shows program icons
  • new: wizard to manage Central Log Database. Move database or select new file
  • new: recording of web pages visit duration
  • new: Agent works as Windows service now for improved security and reliability
  • new: support of Windows Server 2008 added
  • improved: select what data to export in Log Viewer (web pages, emails, etc.)
  • improved: Agent List tooltips have an updated look
  • fixed: unreadable characters in e-mails with different encodings
  • fixed: unreadable characters in AIM and ICQ chat clients in some languages
  • fixed: mouse pointer disapearing in Monitor when users type text on the remote computers
  • available only in English language. For multi-language user intface of Activity Monitor download previous version 4.3. Next version will be multi-lingual.

Activity Monitor 4.4 Keylogger Software for Employee Monitoring Brings Improved Security

August 6th, 2008

Deep Software Inc. announces the release of its employee monitoring software Activity Monitor version 4.4. This major update brings strong data encryption, searchable reports, IntelliSnap technology for screenshots and international keylogger.

New Westminster, BC August 6, 2008 — Deep Software Inc., developer of Activity Monitor software, announces the release of Activity Monitor version 4.4. Activity Monitor provides organizations of all sizes with an easy-to-use and affordable set of employee monitoring tools.

This latest version introduces many important improvements. Here are just a few of them:

  • Improved security with strongly encrypted Central Logs Database and recordings stored on monitored computers;
  • Search reports and filter them by date range, such as today, yesterday, this week, custom range;
  • New IntelliSnap™ technology allows viewing remote screen in near live mode while using very little network traffic. IntelliSnap takes screenshots based on user actions, versus just time intervals;
  • Top Websites report shows a list of most visited websites for each user.

Activity Monitor 4.4 is available today from the company’s website. Full version for reviews by media is available on request

About Activity Monitor
Activity Monitor’s extensive range of features includes remote desktop viewing with IntelliSnap technology, Internet usage monitoring, application usage monitoring, keylogger, recording of email, chats and much more. Managers can monitor computers remotely in live mode. Activity Monitor will also record all usage information into the secure Central Logs Database located on main computer, usually server. Managers can then view usage reports for any user for selected dates.

Activity Monitor enables an organization to protect its sensitive and proprietary information, protect its employees and increase their productivity, protect its reputation and, ultimately, protect its bottom line. Activity Monitor is available on Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Activity Monitor pricing is based upon the number of monitored computers supported, with a 3-computer license costing US$179.95, and may be purchased securely from the company’s web site and through channel partners.

About Deep Software Inc.
Based in New Westminster, BC, Canada, Deep Software Inc. specializes in the development of security software products and web analytics solutions for large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home computer users.