Computer Monitoring System: Employee Network Monitoring, Record Computer Activity

September 25th, 2008

Nowadays many companies are faced with the annoying situation when employees waste their working hours surfing improper websites, playing online games, contacting friends – in other words, using the Internet for their personal needs. With a professional computer monitoring system it is possible to take control over company’s local network and regain discipline in your team. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with the advanced employee network monitoring software including built-in smart keylogger and other necessary monitoring features.

Our Activity Monitor is the powerful computer monitoring system that enables you to track all user activity on local network in real time from a central workstation. Such spy software for computers is designed not only for various private businesses, but also for universities, libraries and schools where students can also abuse Internet usage. Activity Monitor server can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and after installation the program immediately begins to monitor all activity on the network PCs. You may rest assured that this computer monitoring system runs absolutely invisibly while your employees or students are working on the computer.

Due to smart keylogger our employee network monitoring program makes it easily to see how and which users are wasting working time at any given moment. Our outstanding smart keylogger provides you with wonderful opportunity to remotely monitor and record computer activity of your employees. Only imagine, completely invisible and easy-to-use smart keylogger allows you to know everything about your local network user activity including chat conversations, sent and received e-mails, downloaded files and even typed passwords. You may also set up this computer monitoring system in such a way that it will record computer activity and store this information in the special log file for your further analysis.

Spyware Programs: Home Network Parental Control, Computer Activity Tracking

September 25th, 2008

In our progressive age of computer technologies all parents should know how to monitor their children Internet and computer activity. You know, nothing is more important than protection of your kids and at times it is rather dangerous when parents are unaware of what their child is actually doing online. There are different spyware programs designed specially to help parents keep Internet safety for children by monitoring their Internet usage. If you are concerned about your kid’s computer and online activity, SoftActivity has the right solution for you. Take advantage of our powerful SoftActivity Keylogger that will provide you with the most effective home network parental control.

With SoftActivity Keylogger designed for advanced computer activity tracking you will always have your hands on the pulse of what your children are doing online. This professional parental monitoring program enables you to monitor their online activity remotely and be sure in appropriate Internet usage. With the advanced home network parental control from SoftActivity you will easily keep an eye on your kids and be well informed whether they visit improper websites, play numerous online games or hang out in chat rooms.

Our quality monitoring software provides you with the ability to record Internet activity of your children in real time. In such a way after installing SoftActivity Keylogger you will know what they type in their emails, chat conversations and even their keystrokes. All captured information is recorded into a special log file, which can be sent to your email address every few hours.

Home network parental control program from SoftActivity is one of the best spyware programs that will help you keep Internet safety of your children, monitor and control their Internet usage, irrespective whether you are at home or out.


Software for Network Monitoring, Computer Network Monitoring, PC Network Monitoring

September 24th, 2008

Do you know for sure what your employees are doing during their working day? What if your employees are wasting their time on chat sessions when they are supposed to work? Cutting off the Internet connection is impossible as your company work greatly depends on the Internet? Then a company computer network monitoring is simply indispensable if you suspect that your company bad performance occurs because of your employees malfunction. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the ideal solution of this problem – powerful software for network monitoring with very user-friendly interface.

PC network monitoring from SoftActivity is the program that monitors and records keystrokes of your network computers. The information that you get in the result of network monitoring is very important for further analysis. The point is that supervising users, such as employers and managers, can find out the important information about every computer usage within the network.

Computer network monitoring from SoftActivity has the variety of very useful features, including tracking and storing key stroke information, emails sent and received, chat conversations, URLs visited, etc. With the help of our PC network monitoring you will perform complete monitoring of your company network from the one PC. Our XP network monitoring software allows you to get real time and accurate detailed statistics of what your employees do when they are supposed to be working.

Software for network monitoring from SoftActivity will record all computer activity including documents sent and received, e-mail conversations and websites visited. Moreover, our computer network monitoring software allows you to make the “screenshot” of every computer within your local network in real time.

Parental Control Computer Software, Parental Controls for a Computer, Parental Control Programs

September 24th, 2008

The Internet age has brought not only new opportunities to the humanity, but also other dangerous threats and this especially concerns children browsing the Web. Children are inquisitive, naive and credulous by nature; and even a child who realize that he/she should keep private information really private, can reveal some bits of information to a cheater, who will then stick all facts together and find out what he needs. Computer parental control is probably the most effective solution of this problem. SoftActivity is here to provide you with outstanding parental control on a computer with the help of our powerful and user-friendly parental control computer software.

Organizations ranging from schools and hospitals to churches and private businesses, not to mention individuals, now use Internet in their everyday work. But, as always, with the good comes some bad. Along with the useful information that flows across the web, there is a content that is at best inappropriate and at worst – illegal.

The risk is not necessarily where we, as parents, think is. The point is that Web content is one problem, but major criminal activity is taking place in chat rooms, instant messaging applications and email communications. So do you still think that you can provide parental control on a computer without proper parental control computer software?

But now you can be aware of every your child step, so buy one of the best parental control programs on the market from SoftActivity and provide online protection to your child and peace of mind to you.

Parental Monitoring Programs: Network Parental Control, Invisible Keylogger

September 23rd, 2008

The Internet can be a wonderful resource of entertaining and educational pastime for many children. They can use it to search necessary school reports, play exciting online games, communicate with classmates and friends or for other personal needs. But together with such obvious advantages of Internet usage there are many threats for children on the Web, and without using one of special parental monitoring programs you can’t obey your children’s Internet safety. That’s why SoftActivity is here to offer you quality home monitoring software with built-in invisible keylogger for the effective network parental control.

SoftActivity Keylogger from Deep Software Inc. is powerful network monitoring spyware, which allows you to monitor and track computer usage and Internet activity of your kids. Our advanced network monitoring program with invisible keylogger allows you to control your children Internet safety by recording every detail of their online activity in a special log file.

Our monitoring software for network parental control works absolutely invisibly and your children continue doing what they usually do, not even guessing about your monitoring. This spyware is completely compatible with all modern versions of Windows operating system and doesn’t conflict with any other software installed.

Professional network monitoring software from SoftActivity is the most convenient and effective way to be well informed what your children are doing online and in such a manner keep track of your child’s Internet safety.

Key Logger Spyware, Perfect Key Logger, Computer Spyware Programs –

September 23rd, 2008

Do you really know how many hours your employees or students spend working and studying? Unfortunately, today more and more working hours are spent for personal needs, especially when employees and students have the Internet access. It’s rather complicated to prevent them from spending their working or studying hours on them, but you can take advantage of numerous computer spyware programs and at least have full information about their online usage. SoftActivity is here to offer you professional key logger spyware – Activity Monitor for – invisible and undetectable monitoring of a user PC activity.

With Activity Monitor it is now easy to learn how to control a computer remotely and know everything your employees or students do when they are supposed to work or study. Activity Monitor is highly advanced monitoring software that allows you to get detailed information of computer and Internet activity of your staff or students and track any LAN, whether it is university or commercial organization network. In such a way with our key logger spyware you have the power to view visited websites, sent and received emails, all typed keystrokes, opened documents, chat conversations made – in other words you have the total control over your network computer usage.

Key logger spyware from SoftActivity allows you to record all network activity to the central log database for further review and detailed analysis. Moreover, our advanced key logger runs completely invisible and even experienced users can’t detect it.

SoftActivity provides you with one of the best computer spyware programs with built-in perfect key logger, which guarantees you complete monitoring of your employees’ or students’ network activity from the main computer in real time.

Bright Hub review concludes that SoftActivity Keylogger is most fully featured keylogger on the market

September 22nd, 2008

Bright Hub has published a positive review of SoftActivity keylogger:

“With a bucketload of features, a reasonable price and reasonable stealth, SoftActivity Keylogger offers almost everything you could ask for from a keylogger”;

“SoftActivity has a winner, with its new and improved Keylogger.”;

“In short, SoftActivity’s Keylogger is the most fully featured keylogger on the market today.”

SoftActivity Keylogger review