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November 26th, 2008

Many employers wonder whether it is necessary to use computer monitoring of employee hours. In accordance with various researches, it is obvious that companies are in a risk of suffering from major loss through fraud, stealing of intellectual properties, illegal download, sexual harassment cases and loss of productivity. All this proves that if an employer doesn’t monitor employees somehow and control their activity on the Internet during working hours, the company will suffer.

Powerful monitoring spyware can be the only solution for all above mentioned problems. SoftActivity provides you with the opportunity to download monitor spyware at your office computer and perform monitoring of your employees from a remote PC. At SoftActivity you will find powerful internet monitor spyware that is absolutely invisible.

Whether your employees like to chat, play network games, watch films during the working day, our internet monitor spyware is the right solution for you. With the help of our monitoring spyware you will get complete monitoring of the network from one PC. SoftActivity software for computer monitoring of employee hours will provide you with accurate detailed stats of what your employees do on the Internet including along with the full-screen snapshots.

It is estimated that up to 75% of companies bandwidth is used for private activity on the Internet. It has been estimated that $50 billion is lost each year in US just in relation to game playing on company network. If you don’t want your company to appear in this list, download monitor spyware directly from our website and get a full picture of your office network activity.

Network Monitoring Systems: Home Computer Monitoring, Family Internet Monitoring Software

November 25th, 2008

Today parents need to be aware of their children’s computer and online activity as it is the essential part of keeping their kids safe from possible Internet scams. That’s why numerous network monitoring systems have already become a necessity for most parents needing to ensure safety of their children online. If you are looking for security monitoring software to monitor and track your kids’ Internet usage, you are welcome to SoftActivity We are ready to offer you the advanced home computer monitoring program – Softactivity Keylogger that provides you with all special features you need to protect your children from online threats.

Our family Internet monitoring software will be ideal for parents that would like to know what their kids are doing online when they are at work or don’t have regular access to a home computer. After installing this security monitoring software on a home computer you will have your hand on the pulse of what your children do and where they go on the Internet. Our advanced home computer monitoring program makes it possible to be aware of kid’s received and sent emails, downloaded files, used applications and so on.

Softactivity Keylogger allows you to make sure that your children are not using Internet inappropriately as you can find out detailed information about their online activity. A completely invisible and hardly traceable keylogger module and keystroke recorder will inform you when, how and what your kids were doing on the computer.

Family Internet monitoring software from SoftActivity is one of the most powerful computer monitoring systems designed for the effective parental control and reliable protection of your children from online threats.

Extensive Employee Monitoring, Tracking Software for Computer Activity, Spy Keylogger

November 25th, 2008

Nowadays extensive employee monitoring programs are not a new concept in business environment as more and more employee Internet activity is non-work related and recreational web surfing is becoming a growing habit of many office employees. If you have doubts that your employees abuse Internet usage during working hours and don’t use work computers appropriately, you need to use remote computer monitoring software for total control over network and computer activity. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with the powerful tracking software for computer activity with built-in spy keylogger that helps you have your hand on the pulse what is going on in your local network.

Our Activity Monitor is the full-featured and extensive employee monitoring tool with all tracking features you may need for monitoring your employees’ web browsing activity. This advanced network monitoring software allows you to monitor all computers of the entire network from one central location. You get detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed whether it is visited Internet sites history, used applications, sent and received emails or other possible inappropriate activity during working hours.

In addition, the perfect built-in spy keylogger allows you to record every activity on all network computers and collect all information secretly saving all recordings in a hidden log file. In such a way, by using our high-quality tracking software for computer activity you will know what your employees do when they are supposed to work and analyze your full computer usage statistics at your convenience. Moreover, when you use remote computer monitoring software from SoftActivity you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized access to a recording log file by the people that you are trying to keep an eye on as our smart spy keylogger runs absolutely invisibly.

Extensive employee monitoring software from SoftActivity provides you with the perfect opportunity to track secretly all of your employees’ Internet and computer activities in the most effective way.

Computer Keylogger Program, Remote Spy Program, Monitoring Remote Computer Screens

November 25th, 2008

Nowadays the Internet has become one big community. Things that happen in the real world are likely to happen in the virtual also. In accordance with the researches, about 90% of companies suffer from computer security breaches. Among the most expensive part of losses were related to financial fraud and stealing of intellectual properties. And 80% of companies in the research suffered from financial loss in relation to their employees.

In order to avoid the above mentioned risks, it is vital to provide monitoring of remote computer screens and internet activity of your employees. One of the best ways to control your employees is to use computer keylogger programs. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the powerful remote spy program for monitoring remote computer screens and online activity.

It is not surprisingly that about 70-80% of all computer crimes are committed by employees against their own employers. Moreover, there are examples of some kind of unlawful usage of the company network and Internet connection by downloading pornography, illegal materials and abusing the email system.

Our computer keylogger program will provide you with all necessary tools to monitor your office computers and prevent crimes against your company. SoftActivity remote spy program is ranked among the best computer keylogger programs available on the market, so you may rest assured that no computer activity will stay unnoticed.

Remote Child Internet Monitoring Software, Kids Internet Protection, Remote Computer Monitoring

November 22nd, 2008

Children all over the world are taken advantage of online browsing every day. Do you have the opportunity to watch over your children shoulder every second they use a computer? What drastic event would need to occur before you take your computer systems security seriously? Would you even know in time if it did occur?

Today kids internet protection in the basic precautionary measure to protect your children from the contemporary online threats. Remote computer usage monitoring is the ideal option for easy and effective protection of your children. SoftActivity is here to provide you with remote child internet monitoring software to monitor your kids online activity from wherever you are.

Usually parents teach children do not talk with strangers, to avoid confrontational situations and behave properly. Such basic rules as “look both ways before crossing the street, be home by 10pm and leave a note indicating where you will be after school and don’t take a candy from strangers” – all are familiar to adults and children alike. Yet rather often parents forget about more serious source of threat that comes from the Internet and don’t hurry to provide remote computer monitoring of their kids’ computer.

Can you remember the last time you discussed online safety with your kid? Even if you have informed your children of the dangers of the Internet, kids are ingenuous in nature and can get into trouble very easily. In such a way, kids’ internet protection by using remote computer monitoring is simply indispensable for everyone nowadays.