Children Computer Monitoring: Children Online Safety, Online Safety for Children

January 27th, 2009

The Internet is a wonderful way to learn, have fun, keep in touch with friends and just relax or explore. However while exploring the Web, children may be exposed to inappropriate materials from numerous adult sites, emails and even chat rooms. With such negative trends of today’s online community, the major parental concern is how to keep children safe on the Internet. SoftActivity is here to provide all parents with the feature-rich children computer monitoring program designed to ensure children online safety and protect them from the dangers and hazards of the Internet.

Actually, as many parents don’t know enough about the Internet and new technologies, it may seem not that easy to ensure online safety for children and protect them in their Internet activities. Our Softactivity Keylogger is a full-featured solution that runs in the background and provides parents with control over their kids online and computer activities they need to keep children safe on the Internet.

With our powerful children monitoring software you can find out just exactly what your children are doing on the computer when you are away. In fact, SoftActivity Keylogger secretly traces URLs visited in browser, keystrokes typed in any program, chat conversations made, received and sent emails, etc. As this advanced program runs absolutely invisibly, you have the ability to ensure your children online safety without an obvious intrusion in their private life.

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and knowing how to keep children safe on the Internet is the vital necessity and main responsibility for parents. Our professional children computer monitoring software works very effectively allowing parents to ensure online safety for children and protect them from violence and inappropriate content while browsing the Web.

Employee Internet Tracking, Tracking User’s Internet Activity, Monitor Employee Web Use

January 26th, 2009

Nowadays employee Internet tracking is an essential part of entire tracking and control strategy that is used in almost every company. This goes from the fact that most employees frequently spend extra time on chatting, personal emails and viewing of inappropriate content instead of working. If you need quality employee Internet tracking software to monitor your company’s network in real time, you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with Activity Monitor – powerful spy software to monitor employee web usage effectively.

Our Activity Monitor is ultimate all-in-one employee Internet tracking software with built-in hidden keylogger designed for remote Internet monitoring. This powerful software for tracking users Internet activity will tell you everything your employees do online during working hours, how much time they spend on Internet surfing for personal usage and much more to help you have your hand on the pulse of what is going on at your office. Additionally, Activity Monitor provides you with the ability to record secretly all users’ activity to the central log database for an advanced report generation and further deep analysis.

Our feature-rich software for tracking user’s Internet activity offers you maximum performance to monitor employee web use and at the same time is rather handy and user-friendly. This monitoring tool can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and carry out remote Internet monitoring from a single administrator’s PC.

If you would like to know whether your employees are staying on task or wasting time on the Web during working hours, top-notch quality employee Internet tracking software from SoftActivity will provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Monitoring and Tracking Software for Home, Tracking Internet Usage, Programs for Computer Monitoring

January 26th, 2009

There are plenty of reasons why parents may need an advanced program for computer monitoring of their children’s network activity. It’s a fact that computer usage is very popular among children and most kids today have access to the Internet that allows them to be always in touch with their friends. Ideally, all parents should know how to monitor kid’s PC and Internet usage but generally they have no idea how to provide this. SoftActivity is here to offer you the excellent solution – powerful monitoring and tracking software for home computers that provides an efficient parental control over children’s online activity.

Our Softactivity Keylogger, designed for tracking Internet usage, allows you to fully control your children’s online behavior preventing them from being involved into inappropriate, harmful and sometimes dangerous aspects of the Internet. Using our monitoring and tracking software for home computer provides you with the opportunity to track every single thing your kids do on their PC: websites visited, programs and applications launched, files downloaded, emails sent and received and so on.

Our advanced tool for tracking Internet usage provides you with the opportunity to monitor kids’ PC and online activities and lets you know how your home computer is used while you are away. Completely invisible built-in key logger module and keystroke recorder will tell you when, how and what your children have done on the Internet. In addition, Softactivity Keylogger can send special log files with all recorded information to your email address every few hours to help you detect where your kids have surfed.

Don’t waste your time on a search for various programs for computer monitoring anymore as our professional monitoring and tracking software for home PC allows you to monitor Internet and computer usage effectively and hassle free.

Internet Tracking Software, Monitor Employee Internet Usage, Advanced Keylogger

January 26th, 2009

Nowadays using of various Internet tracking software is the important issue for both employers and teachers who allow online access for their employees and students. In most cases there is a miserable tendency to use Internet for personal needs and goals during working or educational hours. If you need to find out what your employees or students are doing when they are supposed to be working or studying, SoftActivity is here to provide you with Activity Monitor – advanced tool to monitor all activities performed in your local network.

No matter whether you need to monitor a library public network, university or commercial organization network, our powerful Internet tracking software with built-in advanced keylogger can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and provide you with the effective control you may need to make sure your students or employees are working and not surfing the Web for the extensive personal usage. Our high-quality software for monitoring your network allows you to track any LAN giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users do.

With Activity Monitor you will know everything your users type in their emails, chats, including passwords, trace all started and run programs and much more. Our advanced keylogger can monitor employee Internet usage recording all Internet activities to provide you with a real time and accurate detailed stats about what is going on in your LAN.

If your employees or students spend a lot of their working time surfing the Internet, our powerful Internet tracking software for monitoring local network is the perfect solution to control remotely their online activity during working hours.

Employee Time Tracking Software, Tracking Internet Users Activity, Spy Computer Keylogger

January 26th, 2009

Nowadays there are plenty of advanced computer monitoring tools available on the market developed for companies which need to perform employee monitoring and Internet usage tracking during a working day. If you are looking for high-quality employee time tracking software for real time monitoring and continuous tracking Internet users’ activity on the network connected computers, you have come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to offer you an all-in-one solution Activity Monitor with built-in spy computer keylogger providing you with the opportunity to get full control over your local network.

Activity Monitor is really powerful employee time monitoring software that allows tracking of online activity without being detected. This network monitoring tool allows you to find out what employees spend the most time surfing the Internet, what websites they visit and when they do it. With Activity Monitor you have always your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN.

Our advanced software for tracking Internet users’ activity comes with spy computer keylogger that is capable to record all online and offline activities to get you real time and accurate detailed stats of what your employees do. You just need to install Activity Monitor on all computers in the network you want to monitor and this smart spy computer keylogger will create special log files with stored information about Internet activity for every user.

Our Activity Monitor has proved its excellent efficiency in helping employers know everything their employees are doing online during their working hours.

Employee Network Monitoring Program, Monitoring Employee Work, Employee Monitoring System

January 22nd, 2009

Computers, local networks and the Internet make it even easier for computer cheaters to take advantage of your data, resources and money! If you want to protect your company from sensitive data theft, it is time to think about monitoring employee work. Employee network monitoring program is an ideal solution to meet this purpose. SoftActivity is here to provide the effective employee monitoring system for round-the-clock monitoring of employees’ email, charting and internet surfing.

Even if your employees are not the criminals even in their thoughts, but simply abuse the Internet usage at work, this still affects your company productivity considerably. Most employees are not aware of the effects of misusing the company’s network and Internet connection. They see no problem with personal internet surfing and insist they still remain productive.

Simple monitoring of employee e-mail and monitoring of employee network usage during a working day can improve the situation significantly. Employee network monitoring program from SoftActivity is an easy and at the same time very effective way of controlling your employees performance. Our employee monitoring system has very easy-to-use wizard-style interface to make your employee control absolutely hassle-free.

If you download SoftActivity employee network monitoring program, you will forget about wasted employee hours, bad performance and productivity. You will get complete control over your employees’ computers from one PC staying absolutely invisible.

Kids Monitoring System, Kids Monitoring Software, Monitor Kids Web Activity

January 22nd, 2009

Many of us are aware about the threats that Internet can bring to our children, however few of us know that the problem is more complex than we think. In order to imagine the whole picture it is enough to consider that one Midwestern town with a population of 190,000 has 270 registered sex offenders. And this is just a one small town! So how can you protect your children from all these dangers?

The only way is to monitor kids web activity every time your kids are online. But it is impossible to stay always with your kid and stare into the monitor looking for potential cheaters among your kid’s online friends. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the effective solution of this problem – kids monitoring software.

If you browse through our website, you will find very effective, yet rather user-friendly kids monitoring software at affordable prices. Even if you are not a computer genius, don’t worry, our kids monitoring system has a clear wizard-style interface so that you will have no hassles using it. With the help of our kids monitoring software you will get completely invisible control over your children PC.

With SoftActivity kids monitoring system you don’t even have to know how to monitor kids PC – the system will do everything automatically. Our kids monitoring software creates log files to track the Internet URLs visited, keystrokes typed, email and chat conversations made and all programs that were launched.