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March 27th, 2009

Nowadays, as more and more parents realize the importance of keeping a watchful eye over their children Internet usage, there is an increasing trend in using various home network monitoring tools. If you have teen-age children, it is especially important to keep control over your kids’ online activity as in that age they think they are much more mature than you give them credit for and can be rather reticent. However, in spite of the fact that your children are becoming more independent, they are not mature enough to understand various risks that may exist online. That’s why SoftActivity is here to offer you our powerful home computer monitoring software to monitor teens Internet use and help you ensure your kids’ Internet protection.

Actually, unsupervised teenagers can gain access to inappropriate information or images or even have contact with people who can place them at risk. In that case our SoftActivity Keylogger is the ideal spy software tool for monitoring computer use and providing you with the control you need over your child online activity. Our home computer monitoring software is designed to monitor teens Internet use in real time giving you the full information what they are doing and with whom they are talking online.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful solution that allows monitoring of computer use and tracking web activity without a user’s knowledge. This home computer monitoring software runs invisibly on the background and captures every activity, which is performed on your computer including desktop, typed keystrokes, email activity, file transfers, website visits, chats an much more to help you ensure round-the-clock children Internet protection.

Although teenagers are almost adult, they are still vulnerable as they have rather limited life experience to be a good judge about who and what is safe. The Internet can be a dangerous place for your children, but armed with necessary information you can make the Internet space safer for them.

Internet Monitoring Program, Monitoring Children Internet Usage, Monitor Computer Use

March 27th, 2009

Internet offers kids many opportunities for learning, communication and entertainment as they are frequently surfing the web for homework help, chatting with friends, playing online games or doing other activities. However, at the same time children can be exposed to bad face of the Internet finding themselves on the inappropriate sites, viewing harmful materials or even communicating with suspicious persons. In order to ensure Internet safety for kids, theoretically, all parents should be able to monitor computer use and online activity of their children at any time. If you are interested in monitoring children’s Internet usage, SoftActivity is here to provide you with SoftActivity Keylogger – the full-featured Internet monitoring program to ensure 24/7 control you need over your children online behavior.

With our advanced Internet monitoring program you never need to worry about how much time your kids spend online, whom they come in contact with and what is viewed as now you can easily monitor computer use and Internet activities of your children. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is designed for remote monitoring of children’s Internet usage providing you with all necessary information about each their online move to help you ensure Internet safety without their knowledge.

Moreover, this professional Internet monitoring program offers you the opportunity to get detailed reports about your child’s online activity wherever you are as our powerful software records all information into a special log file that can be sent to you via email. In such a way you can monitor computer use and track Internet usage of your kids when you are away to make sure they are safe while surfing the Web.

Are you still worried what your kids do on the Internet when you are not keeping an eye on? SoftActivity Keylogger is the only solution you need to protect your child from online threats.

Computer Keylogger, Advanced Keylogger Software from SoftActivity

March 25th, 2009

Computers have become not only the indispensable helpers in our daily work – they are also a part of our life both for children and adults. Today we communicate, find information, work, entertain ourselves and, of course, educate using computers. But, on the other hand, computers and Internet can be the cause of tremendous distraction and even a source of various threats.

In order to keep control over your children computer activity and be aware of their life, reliable computer keylogger is required. SoftActivity is here to provide our clients with advanced keylogger software that includes the internet explorer keylogger in addition to other useful features. At SoftActivity you will find powerful keylogger for your computer as well as advanced local network keylogger software.

Computer keylogger from SoftActivity is the effective computer and LAN monitoring program that can be used by employers to track their office network activity and, of course, parents to control their kids’ online behavior. With the help of internet explorer keylogger from SoftActivity, the employers can significantly improve their company productivity as our software will provide them with unmatched control over employees daily work.

Educators, who fail to protect their students from non-educational Web materials, face with this problem as well. This includes legal liability, negative publicity, wasted money due to non-productive use of equipment (excess lines, routers, disk storage and printers, unreliable or slow connections, etc.), and, of course, the human costs, which are incalculable.

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March 25th, 2009

All children think that they are much more mature than you give them credit for, whereas we are well aware that our kids are rather ingenuous and need our protection. If you really want to be involved in your children life, you will need to monitor kids computer activity as Internet has become a significant part of a new generation life.

PC tracking software is an ideal solution for effective kids internet activity monitoring. SoftActivity is here to provide our clients with powerful remote keylogger software with a very user-friendly wizard-style interface. You can simply install remote keylogger software on your personal computer and get all data about computer usage in a real time.

With the help of remote keylogger software from SoftActivity you will not just monitor kids on the computer – you will have access to the computer log files, where the whole history of your kid’s internet adventures is stored. Completely invisible and hardly traceable PC tracking software allows you to track the Internet URLs visited, keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, chat conversations and all programs user runs as well as work duration in every application, not to mention the screenshots saving function.

Remote keylogger software from SoftActivity will allow you to protect your family and children without taking the Internet out of your home.

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March 24th, 2009

As Internet usage is growing all over the world, Internet abuse on the workplace is becoming a rather serious problem. Frankly speaking, an average employee spends between one and two hours each day using Internet for personal needs and, what is more important, inappropriate employee Internet usage may influence on overall productivity of a company. That’s why if you have more than one employee with the access to the Internet, you need to use a special electronic computer monitoring program to keep an eye on your employees’ online activity and create good working environment. SoftActivity is ready to offer you full-featured web tracking software to provide total control over your local network and monitor Internet usage of your employees in real time.

If you are concerned about inappropriate employee Internet usage inside your company, our Activity Monitor is an ideal solution allowing you to monitor Internet use and website surfing on all networked computers. In fact, electronic computer monitoring allows you to know exactly what your employees are doing during the working hours and determine how much time they are spending online for personal reasons.

Activity Monitor makes it possible for employers to keep track of virtually all computer and online communications of any employee by the means of hidden key logger that records all related information into a special log file.

If tracking employee computer usage including Internet browsing is a crucial point to ensure your business productivity, take advantage of our powerful and handy web tracking software to monitor Internet use of your employees on the workplace. You’ll have the full control you may need to prevent potential problems with inappropriate employee Internet usage.

Internet Usage Monitoring Software, Web Monitoring Tool, Kids Internet Safety

March 24th, 2009

Nowadays along with indisputable advantages of Internet usage there are many aspects that can pose a threat for children and influence them badly. Actually, there is a large amount of undesirable factual and visual materials accessible for kids while they are surfing the Internet. If you are concerned with the risks your children face online, you may need a special web monitoring tool to help you keep kids’ Internet safety and monitor their computer activity. SoftActivity is here to provide you with highly developed Internet usage monitoring software to give you control you need over children’s Internet behavior and protect them while they are online.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is the efficient web monitoring tool designed to assist parents in protecting their children from less desirable and dangerous aspects of the Internet. This powerful Internet usage monitoring software makes it possible for you to keep track of virtually all computer activities of your kids including websites visited, run programs, sent and received messages, etc. In such a way, as a parent you will be sure in your kids’ Internet safety anytime without any hassles.

If you are still not sure that your children are surfing safely on the Internet and doing their homework rather than visiting inappropriate websites, you may rest assured that our advanced web monitoring tool allows you to get detailed reports about their online activity. A completely invisible keylogger module records all information into a special log file that your kids will not be able to see, access, change or delete.

It is commonly known that Internet can be a rather dangerous place for children, but with Internet usage monitoring software from SoftActivity you can keep kid’s Internet safety and protect them from possible online threats. Now you can have a peace of mind that our professional SoftActivity Keylogger can work on your home computer 24 hours a day tracking every Internet movement your children make.

Network Monitoring Solution: Electronic Monitoring of Employees, Monitoring Internet Usage

March 3rd, 2009

Today there is an increasing trend of using various surveillance programs for electronic monitoring of employees on their workplaces as employee Internet abuse during the working hours is a growing problem for most of companies and organizations. Frankly speaking, when employees have access to the Internet, usually they spend their working hours visiting various websites, sending and receiving personal emails and IM messages, playing online games, etc. If you are looking for a full-featured network monitoring solution to take control over your employees’ online activities, SoftActivity is here to offer you powerful network tracking software for remote computer monitoring.

Our Activity Monitor is the superb network monitoring solution allowing you to find out what your employees are doing on the Internet when they are supposed to be working. Moreover, no matter whether you need electronic monitoring of employees within your company or students in any educational institution, our advanced network tracking software will help you have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your local network.

Activity Monitor is widely used for monitoring Internet usage and supervising of all computers in your LAN from a central location allowing you to stay undetected while tracking network activity in real time. In addition, built-in hidden keylogger records all activities on your network computers and saves this data in a special log file, so you can access this information anytime from your computer or get it by email.

Our network tracking software for electronic monitoring of employees is a necessary option to be certain that actual work is being done during working hours instead of wasteful Internet surfing. You may rest assured that our powerful network monitoring solution will tell you everything your employees are doing online every working day.