Parental Internet Control Software: Monitor Kids Internet Activity, Online Safety for Kids

September 30th, 2009

Nowadays many parents are aware of information, graphic materials and people on the Internet that can be harmful for children who, because of their age, don’t really understand the negative effects this can bring to them. That’s why using parental Internet control software is extremely important for parents looking to ensure online safety for kids while they are surfing the Web. SoftActivity is here to provide all parents with SoftActivity Keylogger – high-quality parental control software for PC designed to help you in protecting your children from possible online threats.

Actually, installing parental Internet control software on your home computer is one of the best and yet highly-recommended choices to monitor kids Internet activity and eliminate harmful effects from negative Internet content and communication. Our SoftActivity Keylogger provides you with an efficient and hassle-free way to ensure online safety for kids without their awareness of your electronic surveillance.

The distinguishing features of our professional parental control software for PC are quick installing, unmatched ease of use and superior options allowing you to ensure total control over your home PC while you are away. Moreover, this powerful program not only monitors kids Internet activity but also records all information in a special encrypted log file that can be sent to your email address.

Undoubtedly, Internet is an essential resource for your kids to communicate with friends, play and get knowledge. While using our feature-rich parental Internet control software you can allow you children to experience all the benefits of the Internet while protecting them from inappropriate information and harmful contacts.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Employee Internet Activity, Monitor Employee Web Surfing

September 28th, 2009

Extensive Internet usage as well as electronic communication is becoming an integral part of the typical working activity today. As a result, many companies are faced with the problem of improper employees’ web surfing at the workplace and usage of company’s Internet resources for personal needs. If you’re going to increase your company productivity and forget about the Internet abuse, you may be interested in learning how to monitor employee Internet usage during working hours. With professional employee computer monitoring software from SoftActivity you can easily monitor employees’ web surfing knowing virtually everything what they’re doing on their office computers.
Do your employees communicate with friends, play online games or surf the Internet when they expect to be working? What do they write in their emails from the working place? And finally, are you absolutely sure they continue working when you leave the office? Our employee computer monitoring software is designed just to answer all these questions telling you what your employees are doing on their computers step by step.
Actually, knowing how to monitor employee Internet usage you get unprecedented control over your company’s performance and overall productivity. Our Activity Monitor provides you with an opportunity to keep an eye on multiple employee computers simultaneously from a single workstation in your LAN allowing you to monitor employee Internet activity completely invisibly.
You may rest assured that in circumstances when employee Internet abuse is becoming an increasing problem, our employee computer monitoring software offers you a comprehensive solution to monitor employee Internet activity and stop wasting office time on unrelated tasks.

Kids Computer Monitoring Software, Parental Control of Internet, Control Children Computer Use

September 24th, 2009

Parents needing to control children computer use and ensure safety for their children during online surfing can take advantage of SoftActivity Keylogger – powerful kids computer monitoring software from This program, that provides constant child computer monitoring and effective parental control of Internet usage is a must-have tool for every conscious parent.
No doubt, your children will think twice before doing something naughty online if you tell them that you can see everything they do with the help of our child computer monitoring application. Our kids computer monitoring software runs in the background and secretly records URLs visited, keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, etc. In other words, this reliable tool allows you to fully control children computer use.
Installation of kids computer monitoring software to control children computer use makes great sense when there is even a small risk that your child can provide any kind of personal information, such as where he lives, what school he goes to, what his real name is, etc. to internet malefactors. SoftActivity Keylogger will record everything. And without installing such a program, that provides constant child computer monitoring and parental control of Internet usage you may be putting your child at a serious risk.
To sum up, SoftActivity Keylogger is the perfect kids computer monitoring software solution to help you control children computer use and activities, whether they are online or offline. Besides, this child computer monitoring program works effectively on all modern versions of Windows OS and traces all applications run.

Monitor Computer Software, Control Employee Internet, Monitor Employees Online

September 23rd, 2009

Do you need an effective monitor computer software solution to know all the ins and outs of what your employees are doing during working hours? Then look no further, as SoftActivity has exactly what you need – Activity Monitor – a comprehensive software solution for invisible computer monitoring. From now on you can control employees Internet usage and computer activities even when you are not around.

Activity Monitor is the latest trend in network and computer monitoring field. This program allows you to control employee Internet activities within your network in real time from your own workstation. This invisible computer monitoring program makes it easy to see which users are wasting time at any given moment. Moreover, having the ability to monitor employees online you can reduce the risk of confidential data leakage.

This monitor computer software consists of server and client parts. In order to start monitoring of employees online activities install Activity Monitor server on any computer in the entire local area network. Remote spy software (Agent), a small client program for invisible computer monitoring, should be installed on all computers on the network you want to monitor. And control of employees Internet usage has never been easier!

As you probably know, many companies are faced with the problem of employees wasting time online on their personal goals instead working. But when you control employees Internet activities, you eliminate personal use of Internet: emails, IMs, social networks and other time wasters. Be sure, our tool for invisible computer monitoring will increase your business productivity dramatically.

Monitor Kids Online Activity, Monitor Kids Computer Use, Monitor Kids Internet Usage

September 22nd, 2009

Do you know what your kids are doing on the Internet? As numerous researches show, when children go online they may face with new dangers and, in such a way, need more protection. Today various programs to monitor kids Internet usage are the best solution for parents to protect their children when they are online. SoftActivity is ready to provide all parents concerned about their kids online safety with Softactivity Keylogger – professional software designed to monitor kids’ online activity every time they turn on a computer.

In fact, staying informed about what your kids are doing online is the right way to keep your children safe from Internet cheaters and inappropriate websites while they are on the Internet. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is an ideal spy software solution to allow you monitor kids’ computer use and have the complete control over their online activities. Moreover, this feature-rich spyware runs in the background allowing parents to monitor kids Internet usage absolutely invisibly.

Our powerful software can be installed absolutely hassle free to monitor one home computer or a group of computers in your local network. Once you have installed our SoftActivity Keylogger on your kid’s computer, you will have peace of mind knowing that your child’s Internet experience is much safer now. This advanced program allows you to monitor kids’ online activity and track keystrokes typed, URLs visited and chat conversations made. In addition, all recorded information is stored in a special log file that can be sent as a report to your email address every few hours.

So if you are still puzzling over how to monitor kids’ computer use and ensure their online safety, SoftActivity is ready to help. Be sure, our SoftActivity Keylogger offers you the best way to monitor what your child is doing on the Internet while knowing how your PC is used when you are away.

Best Employee Monitoring Software: Monitor Employee Internet Use, Monitoring Employee Computer Use

September 22nd, 2009

It’s commonly known that good employees are one of the most important factors of a company success. However, today more and more business owners experience the same problem concerned with working time wasting by employees who spend a lot of office hours on the non-work related activities. If you have a problem with employees using the Internet inappropriately, the idea of monitoring employee computer use can be a solution you need to keep your employees on task. SoftActivity is here to offer you the best employee monitoring software solution providing you with a total control over your local network and ability to monitor employee Internet use without any hassles.

Actually, our Activity Monitor offers you an excellent chance to keep track of the employees activities while improving overall productivity and ensuring protection of your corporate data. By using our best employee monitoring software, you can easily monitor employee computers within your LAN staying absolutely invisible.

Our best employee monitoring software is designed to monitor employee Internet use by recording all the activities done on your office network computers from keystrokes typed to websites visited. In such a manner, our advanced program for monitoring employee computer use gives employers a detailed look on what their employees are doing during office hours providing them with virtually unprecedented control over working process.

Offering many benefits that help to increase the overall productivity of office activities, the best employee monitoring software solution from SoftActivity is a must have tool in today’s business environment. With our feature-rich program for monitoring employee computer use you can effectively monitor employee computers and know about every move they do.

Parental PC Control Software, Parental Internet Monitoring Software, Control Children's Online Activity

September 22nd, 2009

As you will probably agree, most parents don’t really know what their children do online, who they talk to or what private information they share. Do you want to control children’s online activity? Is powerful and full-featured parental PC control software the thing you are looking for? You are at the right place as we’re here to provide you with SoftActivity Keylogger – parental Internet monitoring software. Now you can control children’s online activity no matter where you are – in the neighboring room, at work or far away for a business trip.

Don’t risk your child becoming a potential victim. Allowing them to use the Internet unsupervised is just asking for trouble and that’s why you need parental PC control software like SoftActivity Keylogger. Our parental Internet monitoring software will secretly record URLs visited, keystrokes typed, chat conversations made, received and sent emails, etc. Besides, this parental PC control software even captures screenshots of a user desktop! And you’ll be able to control children’s online activity from any computer with an Internet connection.

Without parental PC control software you have no way of knowing what your kids do or where they go when they’re online. Children usually don’t realize all the danger of the Internet. Using parental Internet monitoring software from SoftActivity you can protect your children from virtual cheaters, inappropriate and harmful websites and prevent sharing your confident information through the Web.

Letting a child use the Internet without proper supervision is irresponsible and dangerous. SoftActivity Keylogger, as parental PC control software, helps parents monitor their children’s online activities without having to watch over their shoulders all the time. Use our parental Internet monitoring software and you can relax knowing that you have a secret “spy-hole” allowing you to see exactly what they see and do.