PC Monitoring Program for Employers, Remote PC Monitoring Program, Control Computer and Internet Usage

March 25th, 2010

With today’s businesses constantly attempting to increase employee efficiency, employers are becoming more concerned about improving overall productivity and remote PC monitoring solutions are the most convenient way to achieve these goals. SoftActivity is here to offer all-in-one remote PC monitoring program for employers Activity Monitor enabling them to control computer and Internet usage of employees in the whole LAN during working hours.

With this powerful remote PC monitoring program for employers from SoftActivity you will find out all the truth about what your employees are doing when they’re supposed to be working. From now on you can control computer and Internet usage and trace all programs started and run by your local network members in real time or use the information from the comprehensive log database later for more deeper analysis and advanced report generation.

With no doubt, you will start enjoying numerous benefits while using our comprehensive remote PC monitoring program for employers in terms of increased employees productivity, eliminated personal use of Internet resources and computing resources and protection of your valuable data. You will immediately discover when sensitive confidential information is being leaked or other inappropriate actions taken by your employees.

Using our remote PC monitoring program for employers Activity Monitor doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge or skills from your side. It can be easily set up on any computer within your local network and your employees won’t even know that you are taking measures to control their computer and Internet usage, unless you tell them.

Child Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Child Computer Use, Monitor Your Children Online

March 9th, 2010

As parents you should realize that though the Internet can be an amazing place with useful information for your children, there are also some shady sides of the Internet that can badly influence child mental and physical health. Because of this reason it is essential that you monitor your children online and know how they are spending their time there. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with powerful child computer monitoring software to ensure total control over your kids’ online activities.

Actually, monitoring your children on the Internet can be as difficult as monitoring other important things they do daily. However, our SoftActivity Keylogger is all-in-one computer monitoring software for parents designed to monitor child computer usage with ease. It tracks just everything: sent and received emails, conversations made, programs run, website URLs visited and many other computer activities.

Moreover, our child computer monitoring software can be installed in a few easy steps and later run at the background so you can monitor your children online without being detected. You may rest assured that even if you are away, you can set up our SoftActivity Keylogger to send detailed reports on what your children do on the Internet with regular screenshots to your email address.

As there are numerous online threats increasing in number every single day, more and more parents wish they could monitor child computer use in real time. With our full-featured computer monitoring software for parents, you are fully equipped to monitor your children online and ensure their online safety at any time when they turn on their home computer.

Computer Monitoring Spyware: Monitor Computer Usage, Computer Monitoring on the Workplace

March 8th, 2010

Usually, while the majority of employees make their work responsibly, there are always some slackers who play PC games, browse unrelated websites, perform online shopping, chat with friends and do other non-work related computer activities that may badly affect the overall productivity of your staff. If you would like to know who among your employees is spending the most time surfing the Internet, chatting or sending personal emails, etc. you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to offer you computer monitoring spyware created to monitor computer usage and control local office network remotely.

Basically, our Activity Monitor is designed for invisible computer monitoring on the workplace enabling business owners and managers to secretly track and record all computer and Internet activities of every employee. Moreover, by allowing you to find out how your company Internet resources are used, our computer usage monitoring software helps you prevent computer abuse during working hours and improve overall productivity.

Be assured, whatever website your employees visit, with our powerful computer monitoring spyware you are able to control every their online step as an outstanding built-in keystroke logger records all employee Internet and computer activities in real time. What is the most remarkable is that you can monitor computer usage and get accurate detailed stats on what your employees do from one central location.

Actually, you should consider that what seems to be harmless personal use of your office computers at a first glance can contain substantial financial, legal and other risks. Computer monitoring on the workplace is the most effective solution to ensure ultimate control over your staff online activity. Take advantage of our professional computer usage monitoring software and protect your business from information leakage as well as significant loss of productivity.

Spy Keylogger Software, Remote Spy Keylogger, Computer Spy Keylogger, Employee Monitoring Spyware

March 5th, 2010

It’s no secret that many companies provide employees with extensive Internet resources necessary for doing their daily tasks. However, employees fully equipped with e-mail and Internet access represent a certain risk for employers associated with falling of overall company’s productivity because of using Internet access for their personal needs. That’s way, knowing what employees are doing during office hours is essential for many businesses. If you are one of them, take advantage of the full-featured spy keylogger software solution from SoftActivity and stop employee computer and Internet abuse on the workplace right away.

There are numerous advantages for your business to use our remote spy keylogger tool. Essentially, our Activity Monitor is an employee monitoring spyware solution that can be installed on any computer within your local network to track its activity. When our spy keylogger software is set up, you get unparalleled control over any of office computers activity knowing what your employees are doing when they are supposed to be working.

Actually, built-in computer spy keylogger allows you to view computer and Internet activities of any employee from the comfort of your own desktop. As this remote spy keylogger tracks and records everything happening within the entire network, you have a real-time and accurate detailed stats of what your employees do during working hours. Be assured, each time your employees use the Internet access for personal needs, you’ll be aware about this abuse.

If you suspect illicit behavior from your employees during working hours or just want to be sure they are doing a good job without wasting office time and Internet resources for personal needs, our computer spy keylogger is ready to assist.

Kids Online Security: Monitor Kids Online, Track Your Kids Online, Protect Your Kids Online

March 4th, 2010

Do you know who your kids are talking with when they are online or what sites do they visit? If you can’t answer this simple question, you won’t be able to protect your kids online exposing them to a considerable risk. Actually, while the Internet shares valuable knowledge and information, there is also a number of inappropriate content that is potentially harmful for any child. SoftActivity is here to provide you with a powerful solution allowing you to track your kids online as well as ensure kids online security irrespective of your location.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is professional spy software that enables parents to monitor kids online ensuring they have a total control over their children Internet activity. While monitoring everything your kids are doing online seems to be impossible, you may rest assured that just after installing our advanced program on your home computer, you can track your kids’ online usage remotely and absolutely invisibly.

In addition, our SoftActivity Keylogger allows you to protect your kids online while still allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet. The completely invisible and hardly traceable recorder module provides the most effective and convenient way to monitor kids’ online activities without having to constantly stick around and watching from behind their shoulders.

Undoubtedly, as today children are spending huge amount of their time browsing the Internet, ensuring kids online security is becoming just as important as protecting them in the real world. If you don’t want to risk your child’s safety and become a potential victim of online cheaters, take advantage of our SoftActivity Keylogger and protect your kids online by monitoring their Internet usage in real time.