Child Online Safety: Child Web Monitoring, Monitor Child Web Activity

July 31st, 2010

Are you concerned about your child’s online safety? You are not alone! As the World Wide Web is completely unregulated and open for virtually anyone, child online safety is one of the most important issues for conscious parents today. is ready to provide parents with all-in-one child web monitoring software allowing them to monitor child web activity and make sure they are safe while browsing the Internet.

Actually, if your children spend too much time on the Internet playing online games, chatting with friends or just surfing web pages, our SoftActivity Keylogger can be the answer you are looking for. Monitoring child web surfing and keeping your kids safe online is much easier than keeping them safe offline: just install our powerful child web monitoring software on your home computer and get the complete control over online activities of your children even when you are away.

SoftActivity Keylogger is a computer spy software solution that invisibly creates a log file to track every move of your children allowing parents to ensure child online safety without any hassles. This advanced child web monitoring program is designed to run invisibly and can send real-time computer activity reports to your mailbox every few hours. In such a way, by monitoring child web surfing with SoftActivity Keylogger, you don’t have to wait until you get home to find out when, how and what your children did on the Internet.

Ask yourself whether your children are safe when surfing the Internet? Child web monitoring is the best way to keep a constant eye on your kids and ensure their online safety. With our full-featured software for monitoring child web surfing, you have an ideal solution at hand to know what your children are doing on the home computer and protect them from possible online threats.

Employee Internet Usage Control, Stop Internet Abuse in the Workplace –

July 30th, 2010

During the recent research, a very large percentage of companies revealed that many of their employees abuse Internet use that causes decrease in the productivity and efficiency during working hours. If you’re also worried about this issue and need an effective solution to stop Internet abuse in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place! is here to provide you with advanced local network monitoring software Activity Monitor as one of the most powerful and cost-effective employee Internet usage control solutions on the market.

Unfortunately, many employees use their company’s Internet resources for personal needs like sending private correspondence, surfing unrelated websites, chating with friends and what is even worse – sharing important business data and information. Activity Monitor is designed and committed to protect your business from Internet abuse and misuse. Once installed this all-in-one employee Internet usage control program will start monitoring your office computers in real-time, secretly recordings all online and offline actions of your employees.

Actually, Activity Monitor consists of server and client parts that are installed on your computer and on all computers on the network you want to monitor. What’s more important, client programs can be installed even remotely from the computers with Activity Monitor on them or via Active Directory Group Policy in a Windows domain.

If you ever have concerns about how to avoid Internet abuse in the workplace, we’re here to serve your needs. Stop Internet abuse and increase productivity with the best employee Internet usage control software solution Activity Monitor from


SoftActivity Keylogger 4.0 released

July 29th, 2010
  • new: recording of Skype instant messages; both sides of conversations
  • new: recording of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat; both sides of conversations
  • new: Check for updates. Weekly or by clicking a button on About tab
  • new: monitored users can not see files with recordings in Windows. Administrator rights required to see the folder
  • new: user activity is recorded in remote desktop (RDP) sessions. This means you can now view activity when a user logs in to the computer remotely from other PC
  • new: improved reliability. If monitoring process stops due to crash it restarts automatically and monitoring continues
  • new: uses less memory (RAM) and CPU resources
  • new: record Internet browsing in Google Chrome browser
  • new: lots of other improvements and fixes

Software to Monitor Children Computer, Monitor Children’s Internet Use

July 29th, 2010

Internet is a huge database where every sort of information, sometimes inappropriate and harmful for children, is available. That’s why every conscious parent needs to monitor their children Internet use to know what they do online. can help you meet this challenge effectively by offering our full-featured spying software to monitor children computer and all their online activities.

Frankly speaking, some parents still monitor their children’s Internet use in the old-fashioned way: they place home computers in the place where they are constantly around or put a security camera in that place. But the problem is that they can’t be behind their kids’ backs all the time and warn them if they’re going into something suspicious, and cameras rather often have too low resolution to see what is going on the computer screen. That’s where our best spying software to monitor children computer comes into play.

Read chat conversations, emails sent and received, capture desktop screenshots, programs used, keystrokes and passwords entered, – and these are just a few things you can do with our advanced spying software to monitor children computer use. A very important and unique feature that makes SoftActivity Keylogger different from many other programs of such a kind is the most advanced stealth technology ensuring it runs absolutely invisibly without even appearing in the start menu and add/remove programs.

Monitor your children’s Internet use and have a peace of mind knowing what they do online with our award winning spying software for home computers. SoftActivity Keylogger will help you protect your kids online and make their Web experience only positive.

Real-Time Monitoring Spyware, Real-Time Internet Monitoring, Monitor Employee Web Activity

July 27th, 2010

Unfortunately, Internet abuse during working hours has become one of the most burning issues for many businesses nowadays. knows how to monitor employee Internet use on the workplace and eliminate the problem of office time wasting and falling employee productivity. We’re here to provide you with Activity Monitor – professional real-time monitoring spyware giving you the power to monitor employee web activity and get detailed stats on what your employees do when they are assumed to be working.

Of course, it may seem to be rather hard checking all employee activities especially if there are numerous workstations with active Internet connections. But with Activity Monitor real-time Internet monitoring is now possible just from a single administrator’s PC. While using this powerful real-time monitoring spyware, you get a complete control over your LAN to monitor employee web activity from the convenience of your own desktop.

In fact, knowing how to monitor employee Internet access is very useful to keep your company’s productivity level high. Our real-time Internet monitoring software can be easily installed on any computer in the entire LAN you want to monitor allowing you to keep a constant eye on your employees remotely and absolutely secretly. The hidden keystroke logger allows you to monitor employee web activity and record every their move including programs run, websites visited, emails sent and received, etc.

Substantial security risks, loss of productivity, confidential information leakage are just a few of the issues that a company may face by allowing the Internet abuse in the workplace. Interested in learning how to monitor employee Internet use? Try our full-featured real-time monitoring spyware to effectively monitor employee computers and know what, how and when your users do.

LAN Spying, LAN Spying Software, LAN Spying Solution, Spy on Employee Computers

July 26th, 2010

In the modern highly competitive business environment when the Internet has enormous opportunities and temptations, it is highly important to use LAN spying solutions to stop Internet abuse on the workplace and prevent corporate confidential data leakage. The results of recent researches show that a lot of employees waste a great much of working time surfing the Internet and using its resources for private needs, and if you don’t spy on employee computers this may lead to a low productivity and overall poor performance of your business.

If you want this scenario never occur within your company, start using our advanced LAN spying software Activity Monitor for real-time network monitoring. Actually, Activity Monitor is an award-winning and full-featured LAN spying solution designed to be highly effective for almost all business types, especially those where the majority of employees are using computers all the day long.

In order to spy on employee computers Activity Monitor uses the most cutting-edge technologies and tools, so it can give you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. By providing real-time LAN spying, it will log all Web surfing history: IM conversations, emails sent and received, websites visited, programs run, keystrokes typed, etc.

By using the turn-key IntelliSnap™ technology, Activity Monitor also allows you to take and see screenshots of remote desktops – all you need is just to set a desired time interval. What’s more important, this LAN spying software performs absolutely undetectable monitoring and surveillance – your employees won’t be able to terminate Activity Monitor Agent in Task Manager without Administrator user rights, see recorded logs or change them.


Spy Software for Parents, Monitor Child Computer, Monitor Child PC

July 23rd, 2010

Easy access to suspicious and offensive content on the Internet is the next big concern for conscious parents after the threats of offline physical world. That’s why the majority of them, especially those who realize how many dangers and threats the World Wide Web hides, try to monitor their child’s PC activity to be ensured in their online security. The field of computer technologies made available for you an impressive selection of computer monitoring solutions to protect your kids online. But if you wish to get the most out of your choice, take advantage of our full-featured parental monitoring program SoftActivity Keylogger that will allow you to provide ultimate control over your children’s Internet usage.

Modern teens spend a great many hours surfing the Web daily, engaging in social networks, communicating with friends, but rather often with strangers through IMs, in chat rooms, etc., where they can easily share sensitive and confidential information. SoftActivity Keylogger makes it possible to monitor child’s computer online and even remotely (from your office or any other place that has a computer connected to the Internet) or you can get live reports to your mailbox as frequently as you need, so as if something inappropriate is happening you will instantly know about it to take necessary measures and prevent negative results.

To monitor your child’s PC activity is an unquestionably right and crucial decision, but there are also actions parents should take care about before giving access to the Internet for their children, and we’re going to give you some tips on them. First of all, talk to your kids gently explaining them about possible online threats and make them comfortable enough to tell you when they find something offensive or harmful on the Web – these are really the biggest steps for ensuring kids’ safe surfing.

Arrange a time limit and you can also reward their good Internet usage and behavior with extra time online. Another option that can be very useful in addition to the use of spy software for parental control is to select an Internet service provider that offers filtering options.

Following these simple advices along with the usage of full-featured monitoring software will help you protect your children while they are surfing the Internet. And when it comes to the best spy software solution for parental control, consider SoftActivity Keylogger.