Best Keylogger Software: Monitor Home Computer Use, Monitor Child's Computer

September 28th, 2010

Are you concerned whether your children are surfing the Internet safely or wondering where they are browsing online? Do you suspect your child uses home computer to surf inappropriate websites when you are away? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above mentioned questions, increase parental control and start monitoring home computer use remotely. At SoftActivity we are ready to offer you the best keylogger software solution – SoftActivity Keylogger allowing you to monitor child computer activities and stay always aware of what they did on the Internet.

Some parents think it’s impossible to keep a constant eye on children online life to ensure their safety. The best keylogger software solution from SoftActivity is designed to refute this argument! Now parents may have total peace of mind knowing what their kids do online when they’re away. SoftActivity Keylogger will help to protect your children from online threats enabling you to monitor home computer use and create a safe environment for them.

As there are plenty of dangers online – both hidden (in chat rooms) and overt (in adult related sites), the best way to help your kids stay safe while they are browsing the Internet is to monitor your home computer use. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is an absolutely invisible solution that will allow you to monitor child’s computer and Internet activity including URLs visited, keystrokes typed, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, etc. in a secret mode.

There is no reason to worry that the Internet will negatively influence your kids anymore. With the best keylogger software solution from SoftActivity you can successfully monitor children computer usage and get timely alerts if they are going into something suspicious.


LAN Monitoring Tool: Monitor LAN Activity, Monitor Computers in LAN

September 27th, 2010

The Internet abuse in the workplace presents a significant risk for employers costing them hours of company’s productivity and important information leakage. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can monitor Internet usage in LAN and see what your employees are doing when they are supposed to work? SoftActivity is ready to offer you such a splendid opportunity! Take advantage of our powerful LAN monitoring tool and monitor office computer activity remotely from a single administrator PC.

We understand that as an employer, you want to be sure your employees are doing their job properly without wasting office hours on non-work related activities. Our Activity Monitor is designed to provide network administrators with total control over the local network enabling them to monitor computers within LAN and track Internet usage in commercial organizations, educational establishments, libraries, etc. From now on you can monitor LAN activity easily and get real-time and accurate stats about what your employees or students do.

Our completely invisible keylogger will monitor computers in LAN tracking and recording every move happening within the entire network including Internet websites visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, programs run, files opened, etc.

Undoubtedly, every conscious manager knows how important it is to monitor LAN activity and track employee Internet usage at the workplace. With our advanced LAN monitoring tool every employer is properly equipped to monitor computers within LAN, check activities of the employees in real-time and prevent any computer and Internet misuse during working hours.


Keylogger Spyware, Invisible Spy Keylogger, Best Remote Keylogger Program

September 26th, 2010

Are you sure your children are absolutely safe while surfing online? You have to consider the fact that the Internet is not only used by ordinary people like you, but also various shady persons and scammers looking for innocent inexperienced children to cheat. That’s why using the best remote keylogger program is crucial to ensure child online safety and protection. SoftActivity is here to offer you powerful keylogger spyware to provide control you need over your child online activities.

You may also want to be sure that your children don’t use your computer to surf illegal sites when you are away or just want to know whether they are playing online games and chatting with friends instead of working on their tasks. Our remote keylogger program is designed to assist you in any situation. With the help of invisible spy keylogger capturing everything users do on a computer, you are able to view every detail of child PC and Internet use step-by-step.

Actually, while being the perfect monitoring and surveillance tool for a PC, our SoftActivity Keylogger is an ideal solution for parental control. This invisible spy keylogger allows you to know exactly what your children do online working in the background of your home PC. This means your child will never be able to figure out if there is keylogger spyware installed in your home computer or not, unless your tell them.

Unlike many other spy keylogger programs, you can try our SoftActivity Keylogger spyware for free during 15 days before initial purchase.

Internet Monitoring Spyware for Parents, Control Children’s Computer Usage

September 25th, 2010

As you probably know from personal experience, every attempt to control children’s online behavior is taken by them as the intrusion into their private life and offence to their personality. However, with the abundance of virtual threats circulating the Internet, it’s really crucial for conscious parents to execute control over children’s computer usage and online activities to ensure their ultimate online safety.

In such a case, you may be interested in having a tool allowing you to monitor your kids remotely and invisibly. SoftActivity Keylogger is in fact one of the most advanced internet monitoring spyware for parents that runs absolutely secretly in the background recording every single event performed on a monitored PC, including websites visited, emails sent and received, programs run, etc.

Actually, for many conscious parents the installation of Internet monitoring spyware solution allows them to monitor and control children’s computer usage to solve and prevent various problems concerned with the Internet threats.

The first common problem our SoftActivity Keylogger can help you with is the misuse of educational time. Typically, children are not so easy to concentrate and they may quickly become distracted from school tasks they’re supposed to do by various things that the World Wide Web has to offer. Now you can clearly identify how they behave online, and if you see undesirable Internet surfing and computer usage, you can give them a notice of your awareness and prevent them from doing it further.

When downloading music, videos, applications, etc. from the Web, your kids, without actually realizing it, may download something that not only can cause various problems to the computer and OS performance, but also may lead to a much more serious dangers concerned with the security of your home network and safety of personal or any other sensitive information stored on your home PC.

The constant use of our full-featured Internet monitoring spyware for parents will allow you to avoid all these and many other potential risks of online browsing.

Employee Web Tracking, Employee Web Tracking Software, Employee Web Monitoring Software

September 23rd, 2010

Computers and the Internet have changed the way we do business nowadays. Actually, when used properly, the Internet can be an indispensable tool for any business, but there is solid statistics data of the Internet abuse on the workplace. As a business owner or company manager, you may be interested in employee web tracking to know what your employees do when they are supposed to work. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – full-featured employee web monitoring software designed to provide detailed information on what’s going on in your company LAN.

We all know that when employees accomplish personal tasks instead of performing their duties, it is rather harmful for overall company productivity. That’s why our powerful employee web tracking software allows you to monitor all computers in your office LAN and track employee web use remotely just from a single administrator’s PC. Activity Monitor program can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN giving you full control over employee computer and Internet activities.

While coming with undetectable keystroke logger for real-time monitoring, our employee web tracking software provides you with the detailed reports on employee online activities including websites visited, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed and much more. Moreover, this professional employee web monitoring software works absolutely invisibly so you can track employee web use without being detected.

Most business owners still don’t completely realize that employees, who play games, chat with friends and perform other non-work related activities, can be the main reason of lost productivity and source of information leakage. If you’d like to stop employee Internet abuse on the workplace, take advantage of our employee web tracking software and get control you need to prevent excessive Internet usage on the workplace and make your employees work hard during their working hours.

Track LAN, Software to Track LAN, How to Track LAN, Control Employees in LAN

September 22nd, 2010

Do you run a business where almost every employee uses computer and Internet resources on a daily basis? Are you aware of the statistics showing that more than 30% of employees abuse their Internet use on the workplace? Day-by-day they waste your company resources, time and money by surfing the Internet for personal needs and performing other activities that have nothing to do with their work tasks.

Does it sound dangerous for your overall company success? Then it’s high time to think about monitoring of your office LAN activity. Of course, you can’t stand behind employee’s backs or afford yourself to engage additional employees to do it for you. Actually, modern technologies allow to avoid all these hassles. Would you like to know how to track LAN without your physical presence from any location in the world and at any time? It’s now possible and extremely easy if you take advantage of Activity Monitor from SoftActivity!

We take special pride in offering you the most advanced software to track LAN computers and every activity performed by your employees. Activity Monitor comes with a full set of options needed to let you know about every single step happening within your office LAN. In such a way, by having this information at hand you can react in a timely manner and manage proper working process in every department of your company.

It’s up to you whether to inform or not your staff that you’re using software to track LAN activity. However, if you wish to keep this in a secret, you can fully rely on Activity Monitor as it works in the background giving no outer signs that anything is installed on the monitored computers.