Monitoring Employee Internet Activity, Real-Time Employee Internet Monitoring

November 30th, 2010

Why would you like to monitor employee Internet access? Are you wondering what your employees are doing online during working hours? Do you suspect them in Internet and computer abuse? Actually, you are not alone. Today many business owners and managers who made Internet available on the workplaces, find themselves in a vulnerable position. Under such circumstances, you have full right to know the truth about employee computer use during working hours.

Having your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN and knowing how to monitor employee Internet usage allows you to get necessary answers on all related questions and gain the information you need to make informed decisions. At SoftActivity we are ready to offer you Activity Monitor – an advanced employee Internet monitoring system that allows you to control all activities within your office network remotely from a single administrator’s PC.

Without real-time employee Internet monitoring your company can suffer dramatically from fraudulent activity, being exposed to high data security risks. As a rule, every company has sensitive business data that is one of the most valuable assets and requires ultimate protection. This sensitive information can be misused by your employees or sold to a third party that will cost your business a fortune. By monitoring employee Internet activity you can protect this valuable data and avoid possible information leakage.

Another indisputable advantage of real-time employee Internet monitoring is that you are able to increase staff productivity preventing computer and Internet abuse in the workplace. As a business owner, you should know that employee productivity is crucial to overall business success. Non-work related activities, such as playing online games, interacting with friends via social networks, emails, chats, Internet shopping or just viewing inappropriate websites are main reasons for productivity loss. With our full-featured employee Internet monitoring system you’ll get unmatched control over your employees during working hours and can prevent wasting work time on unrelated tasks.

Keylogger Program, Invisible Remote Keylogger Software

November 29th, 2010

Do you have school-age children surfing the web, chatting or playing online games with no restrictions? Do you realize what they are exposed to? With the growing popularity of social networks and online gaming, today’s children can’t even imagine their life without a computer and Internet access. For example, chat rooms are a favorite pastime for many children, where they can communicate with friends, have fun, but also meet with Internet cheaters… Fortunately, there is a proven way to protect your children online – you can start monitoring Internet activities on your PC to know when, how and what they do online.

Have you decided to control your children online activities and protect them from possible online threats. What comes next? As a rule, you’ll need an advanced keylogger program providing all-in-one parental control. SoftActivity is here to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – invisible keylogger software designed to help parents keep a watchful eye on their children while they are online.

Our spy keylogger program for computer monitoring creates a special log file to track everything your children do: all keystrokes typed, sent and received emails, Web surfing history, programs run, etc. In addition, SoftActivity Keylogger is completely invisible and can’t be terminated unless the user has administrative rights.

Worried you don’t have around-the-clock access to your home computer to monitor your children online? With our full-featured keylogger program it’s possible to check later how they spent their time online as SoftActivity Keylogger records all information in a special encrypted log file. Moreover, by using this invisible remote keylogger, you can receive comprehensive reports on what you child do on the computer to your email address every few hours. No matter where you are, SoftActivity Keylogger will alert you when your child is into something suspicious online.

Parental Control Program, Parental Internet Monitoring Program

November 27th, 2010

Nowadays, it’s a common practice that there are at least two computers in one family – for parents and children, and even a separate PC for every family member. That’s why recent researches show that today children prefer mostly to go online at home as there they have more freedom to surf the Internet and do various online activities in comparison with school classes, where they are observed by a teacher. However, parents don’t have such an ability to see what young users are doing online because they have to be at work or simply because they don’t want to offense their kids by staying behind their backs.

Actually, the problem of easy access to the offensive and inappropriate Internet content still exists. Would you like to learn how to monitor your children computer use remotely and in real time? Fortunately, there are parental control programs that allow to cope with this critical task in the most effective manner. At you will find a feature-rich and advanced parental Internet monitoring program – SoftActivity Keylogger, that will provide you with total control over your kids online behavior.

No aspect of their web or computer activity will remain beyond your knowledge. Once you install SoftActivity Keylogger on your kids’ computer, it will allow you to watch and read any forms of their online communications, including emails, chats, social networking sites, online games, videos, etc.

In fact, SoftActivity Keylogger works using the principle of a surveillance camera providing you with real-time view of your children desktop remotely: you can watch their online behavior at any given moment. You can also set up our parental control software to send regular reports to your email address in any necessary time interval.

Add exclusions to ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4

November 26th, 2010

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 does not detect SoftActivity computer monitoring products. There are no known issues with this antivirus.

To prevent any possible conflicts in future with this antivirus, you may exclude SoftActivity folder from scans in ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Follow the steps below to exclude SoftActivity folder.

1. Temporary disable real-time protection of the antivirus

a. Click ESET NOD32 Antivirus icon in system tray and select Open window command:

Open configuration window

Open configuration window

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Computer Monitoring in the Workplace, Employee Spying Software, Real-Time Computer Monitoring Software

November 26th, 2010

Decreased employee productivity and Internet abuse in the workplace are rather important problems that many businesses are facing with today. Indeed, nowadays it has become a wide-spread trend as current generation of employees assumes it is normal to do personal tasks when they’re supposed to be working. In response, employers refer to modern technologies including employee spying software to see what is going on in their office network during working hours.

If you are also concerned about your employee inappropriate behavior and need an effective tool for computer monitoring in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is here to offer you one of the most powerful real-time computer monitoring software solutions available on the market today – Activity Monitor – designed to be a superior, multi-functional engine and provide you with the deepest insight into what your employees are doing.

In fact, computer monitoring in the workplace is quickly becoming a popular method among company managers and business owners to create a proper working environment and ensure that employees are working as they are supposed to. Activity Monitor will let you know in full details about all computer and online activities of every member of your staff. It will record every web movement of your employees (including the duration of every activity), take screenshots in any given time intervals and provide you with a log that you can scan through later.

With Activity Monitor you can also keep track record of all activities in your LAN. If this is performed in your company environment, you’re absolutely eligible to review the content. Our employee spying software records all messages sent and received, chat and instant conversations made, programs run, websites visited, etc.

As a real-time computer monitoring software, Activity Monitor makes it possible to have a live view of remote desktops. What’s more important, it allows you to start or terminate remote processes and even turn a computer off or log off a particular user, if you notice any inappropriate or dangerous event occurring that requires an immediate action.

Unlike many other monitoring solutions, such as surveillance video cameras, smart cards, biometric scanners, etc., Activity Monitor runs in the invisible mode without employee knowing about its existence unless you tell them.

Terminal Server Monitoring Software, Terminal Server Monitoring Tools, Record Sessions on a Terminal Server

November 25th, 2010

Windows Terminal Server environment is growing in popularity nowadays as a cost-effective and yet convenient platform allowing you and your employees to access all applications on-demand from any location. Actually, companies save both time and money making it possible for users to connect remotely and perform necessary tasks using the processing power of Terminal Server. If you currently use Windows Terminal Server as an alterative to deploying applications on hundreds of desktops across your company, it’s high time to think how to protect your corporate data and prevent information leakage.

SoftActivity is here to address all the needs of both mid-size and large businesses in getting control over their corporate network and monitoring user activities on a Terminal Server. We are ready to offer you professional Terminal Server monitoring software – SoftActivity TS Monitor designed to record TS sessions and make your company more secure by reducing risks of information leakage and increasing staff productivity.

Actually, SoftActivity TS Monitor is a Terminal Server sessions recorder that will give you deep insight into employee activities within your Windows Terminal Server. From now on you can easily monitor remote users that work from home or access critical applications during business trips. Our advanced Terminal Server monitoring software records sessions on a Terminal Server capturing every user action and provides accurate information on what your employees do on thin clients in your network.

Being one of the best Terminal Server monitoring tools, SoftActivity TS Monitor logs every user’s step in Windows Terminal Server sessions. It will provide valuable reports on actions performed by local and remote users over the day. This full-featured Terminal Server monitoring software works by logging all used applications and their work duration, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, Internet surfing history and other details. It also includes a keylogger module that records every keystroke typed in any application.

Add exclusions to Avast Antivirus for Activity Monitor software

November 24th, 2010

Avast Antivirus may detect Activity Monitor employee monitoring software on the manager’s PC and Agent installed on monitored computers as Potentially Unwanted Program(PUP) or Win32:ActivityLogger-E [PUP] threat. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity software. It only does what is described in its features on our website, i.e. records your employees computer activity.

To prevent Avast Antivirus from detecting this threat you will need to exclude these folders from scans in Avast:
On a manager’s PC or server, where Activity Monitor admin console is installed:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor

It’s also recommended to temporarily disable the antivirus protection before running installation on the admin’s PC. Otherwise it may find threats in TEMP folder that is used during installation. Then add the folder exclusion and enable antivirus protection.

On the monitored PC, where Activity Monitor Agent software is installed:


You need to add an exclusion before running Agent installation. Otherwise installation might fail.

How to add exceptions in Avast Antivirus

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