Software to Spy on a Computer, Spy Programs for Computers

March 28th, 2011

Nowadays computers along with the Internet access are being typically used for great more things than they were just several years ago. Unfortunately, not all computer and Internet users have good intentions. With hackers and online cheaters browsing online, the risk that your personal or sensitive business data can be unauthorized accessed or stolen has dramatically increased.

Another important problem is the misuse of computing and Internet resources. There are many day-to-day things everyone can do via the Internet: from shopping and entertaining to paying bills and ticket booking. That’s why there is a stable tendency that employees are wasting working time and browse the Internet for personal purposes. But when using software to spy on a computer or office LAN you can avoid any of these situations from ever occurring at all.

SoftActivity takes special pride by offering premium quality spy programs for computer for home and office use. Activity Monitor, SoftActivity Keylogger and SoftActivity TS Monitor are designed to be superb spying engines and let you know everything about a particular computer use.

If you need to track office, school or college local network, you are advised to take advantage of Activity Monitor – multi-featured and highly effective software to spy on computers in LAN from one administrative location. You can see in real-time what your employees or students are doing and get periodic detailed stats on their online behavior during working and studying hours.

If you are interested in knowing how to spy on your employee computers who telework from home or remotely, then SoftActivity TS Monitor can be an ideal option for you. This all-in-one solution allows administrators to monitor each and every user connected via Windows Terminal Server or Citrix shared desktop. It records thin client sessions in your network without even installing any software on them and runs completely invisibly for monitored users.

SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful software solution to spy on a home computer used by your children. While tracking all their online activity – from keystrokes typed to websites visited – it allows conscious parents to protect their kids from possible online threats.

Kids Internet Monitoring – How to Monitor Internet Usage at Home

March 26th, 2011

Do you feel rather nervous as your child spends too much time on the Internet playing online games or chatting with friends? Generally, various chat rooms and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook allow kids to find new friends with similar interests and goals as well as exchange opinions on the variety of issues. But are you sure that you child can safely participate in such online communities? Unfortunately, there are many online cheaters and scammers to protect your child from.

Whether you think that your children are at risk to become victims of possible Internet threats or just want to keep a watchful eye on their online activities, you’ve come to the right place! SoftActivity is ready to show you how to monitor Internet usage at home. We provide conscious parents with SoftActivity Keylogger – an excellent spyware solution for the most effective parental control.

While featuring complete compatibility with other computer applications, this advanced monitoring program works effectively on all modern versions of Windows OS and runs invisibly in the background. A powerful built-in SoftActivity keystroke logger will allow you to find out easily what your kids are doing on a home PC when you are away. All emails sent and received, IM conversations made, applications used, downloads, passwords, Internet surfing history – our feature-rich computer monitoring tool will record everything for your reference.

You as a parent may have plenty of reasons to track your kids’ online activities with the same important goal – we all want to make sure that our children are protected. We continuously update our computer monitoring software solutions to help parents like you keep a watchful eye on their kids and make sure they’re using Internet resources in a safe mode.

Internet Activity Tracking Software, Track Employee Internet Activity

March 25th, 2011

Nowadays, there is a growing need to track and analyze employee Internet activity during office hours due to a few reasons. First of all, the Internet abuse on the workplace may significantly reduce the overall productivity and cost employers thousands of dollars every day. In addition, employee Internet monitoring is crucial when you need to ensure corporate information security, protect your company from fraudulent activity and reduce liability risks.

Actually, employees using the Internet inappropriately are almost in every company. Do you have problems with Internet abuse during working hours? You are not alone! SoftActivity is here to provide you with ultimate control over your local network. We offer all-in-one monitoring solutions – computer monitoring software and keyloggers allowing you to get a real-time and accurate stats on what your employees do when they are supposed to be working.

Our Activity Monitor is a powerful web monitoring tool tailored for the specific needs of small to mid-size business owners, network administrators and managers. As one of the best software to track Internet activity on the workplace, Activity Monitor offers real-time monitoring of network users from one administrator’s PC. Virtually any computer within the LAN can be spied remotely: you just install this small client program on a computer that you need to monitor and keep a watchful eye on your employee.

Have you ever lost productivity or some confidential information because of non-business use of the company’s network resources? From now on you can forget about negative effects of the employee Internet abuse. Activity Monitor tracks and records everything – from websites visited and programs used to emails sent and received and chat conversations made.

Undoubtedly, real-time Internet activity tracking can be very beneficial for you and your business. You can easily control remote computers in your LAN to stop employees wasting their working time on personal needs. Passwords, keystrokes, file operations, the history of communications, web surfing history, desktop screenshots – you will have a complete picture of when, how and what your employees do on the Internet.


Parent Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Kids PC Use

March 24th, 2011

Over the last several years the Internet has become a wonderful world with enormous audience and plenty of materials and resources that can be both beneficial and rather dangerous. First of all this concerns users such as children and teenagers who are unable to identify a threat that can be hidden in an “innocent” chat conversation with a peer. Websites with adult and inappropriate content, virtual cheaters, hackers, spammers or simply entertaining websites like online games tempting small users to waste their time instead of doing useful things are all crucial reasons why your computer should have a home PC spy software solution installed.

Have you ever wanted to see what your children are doing online when you are not around, with whom they chat, what pages they visit, what type of materials they download? Knowing about all these facts will allow you to enjoy a peace of mind and prevent any possible virtual threats. Our all-in-one parent computer monitoring software SoftActivity Keylogger will help you in performing all these tasks with ease.

There are still some parents who hesitate to install monitoring solutions on their home computer. While some of them are afraid of offending their kid feelings and losing their trust, others suspect that when children get to know clearly they are being monitored, they can go to a friend’s house or an Internet cafe to surf freely without your control. Smart home PC spy software from SoftActivity runs in an absolutely stealth mode allowing you to monitor your kids PC usage and all online activities invisibly.

It is not that ease to spy on a home computer and do not violate children privacy. But it is your responsibility to protect them from all possible risks including online threats.

Program to Track Internet Usage, How to Track Internet Activity

March 23rd, 2011

While the Internet is considered to be an indispensable mean during work process that brings a lot of benefits with regard to transferring important data and efficient communication, employee Internet abuse has become an increasing problem for virtually any company. Are your employees chatting with friends, playing online games or shopping while they’re supposed to be working? Have you ever lost money or productivity because of inappropriate Internet use? Believe it or not, knowing how to track Internet activity on the workplace, you can change the situation for the better.

SoftActivity is here to provide companies that make Internet available for employees during office hours, with Activity Monitor – a full-featured spy computer program to track Internet usage on the network. While being an ideal LAN monitoring system, this Internet tracking software for business needs allows you to find out whether company resources are being used for non-work related activities and who spends too much time chatting or surfing the Web during working hours.

You should also know that besides the negative effect on company productivity, workplace Internet abuse is a serious risk for corporate data security. Rather often, corporate data is the most valuable asset and employees should keep it internally and prevent information leakage to third-parties. While using our Internet tracking software for business, you can effectively protect your company from fraudulent activity.

Let’s sum up all the advantages of using our Internet tracking software for business needs. The most important thing is that you can see how your employees spend their working time and prevent Internet abuse. When you track Internet usage on the network, your employees will more likely do their job rather than surfing the Web for personal purposes that allows to increase overall productivity and profit. In addition, you are fully equipped to protect your company from legal claims and reduce liability risks as well as avoid intellectual property and trade secrets theft. Download a 15-day free trial version of Activity Monitor today and try all its powerful features before purchase.

Track Kids Internet Activity – Internet Tracking Software for Kids

March 22nd, 2011

Various reports indicate that kids sometimes use Internet resources more often than adults. As a rule, they spend time by browsing websites with different content, play online games and do blogging and chatting. Of course, you may know about some of the things your kids are doing online but chances are high enough that you are not aware of sites they visit and with whom they talk to.

We are glad to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger as a powerful solution to know exactly what your kids are doing online and ensure their safe Internet experience. Our full-featured Internet tracking software for kids is an all-in-one spying engine designed to run in the background of your PC and track kids Internet activity in real time. You can easily install this advanced program on your home computer (it works perfectly on all modern versions of Windows OS) and know how your PC is used even when you are away.

It’s rather easy to lose control over your children these days. And SoftActivity Keylogger offers parents an excellent opportunity to be aware of when, how and what their kids did on the Internet without breaking their privacy. Don’t be afraid to be caught while using SoftActivity Keylogger as this unique Internet tracking software works absolutely invisibly so people continue doing what they normally do when they are sure you can’t trace them.

With our powerful software to track Internet use in real time, you will know exactly whether your kids are surfing inappropriate websites or chatting with suspicious persons. Everything from the Internet URLs visited and keystrokes typed to sent/received emails and programs run will be recorded in the reports that can be further sent to your email every few hours.