Employee Network Tracking Software, Monitor Network Activities with Activity Monitor

June 17th, 2011

In today’s digital era, when almost every company runs some sort of business transactions through the Internet, more and more business owners and managers are coming to the understanding of the importance of being able to monitor office network activities. A certain percentage of employees are wasting work time day by day on surfing unrelated websites and doing other personal activities that have noting to do with their job.

SoftActivity is here to help you successfully solve the problem of existing or potential computer and Internet abuse by your employees during working hours by offering you a comprehensive employee network tracking software solution Activity Monitor. From now on you’ll be able to know everything what your employees are doing on their office computers at any given moment.

Consciously or unconsciously, but when your employees abuse or misuse their access to the Internet and surf it for their personal needs, they can place your sensitive corporate information at a substantial risk. While executing control over employee online activities you can avoid most of such problems, identify those who carry out illegal tasks and prevent them from doing it in the future.

If you think that the functionality of employee network tracking software is restricted by control over employee online activities only, we’re here to undeceive. How often do you lose important files, emails, communications or other pieces of information because of sudden power outages, computer shutdown and crash or server failures? From now on you can recover any information that has been lost from entire documents to correspondence easily, as Activity Monitor records every keystroke typed and program run.

Parental Spying Software, Software to Monitor Kid's PC

June 17th, 2011

It’s rather crucial in the modern world to have your hand always on the pulse how your children use their computer and Internet access as these technologies can be very dangerous and cause a lot of hassles. Without a full-featured parental spying software solution you will have no idea what is going on with your home PC when you’re away. Of course, you can’t stand behind your children whenever they are online and watch if they’re surfing safely, but you can use a special spying tool to monitor your kid’s PC remotely.

If you know how to control online activity, you will have the whole picture of their online life and, what’s more important, get up-to-date information to react in a timely manner. Are you interested in having such a powerful and highly effective tool at hand? Welcome to! We are ready to offer you all-in-one parental spying software – SoftActivity Keylogger designed to provide you with a peace of mind and absolute online protection for your kids.

Our all-in-one software to monitor kid’s PC is designed to perfectly match the needs of even the most demanding customers. It comes with an extensive set of various useful options to help you execute overall control over your kid’s online activity. Along with providing regular reports, it also takes the screenshots on every single event happening on the computer desktop monitored. SoftActivity Keylogger features advanced reliability – if there is any crash or the deliberate stop of a session, it restarts automatically and continues monitoring.

Even if your kids know already how to remove browsing history and cookies or your teenagers are super tech savvy to conceal the way they behave online, you may rest assured that with our advanced parental spying software no single event will pass unnoticed for you. Website URLs visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, programs run, etc. – all this and more will be at your fingertips. You can even have these reports emailed to your mailbox periodically.

How to Monitor Employees Internet Usage – Tracking Employees Internet Use with Activity Monitor

June 16th, 2011

Using a powerful monitoring software solution that allows managers and business owners to monitor all computers within office LAN remotely is becoming an important part of running a business today. There are plenty of reasons for this. Employees with uncontrolled Internet access are likely to waste working hours by carrying out personal tasks online. Whether they communicate with friends via popular social networks, make purchases, play online games or surf various websites for personal needs, such work-unrelated activities may negatively influence your company productivity.

Simply look around your office space. Can you tell exactly who is a conscious employee doing his work properly and who is an idler chatting with friends? With SoftActivity you’ll easily learn how to monitor employee Internet usage in real time. We are ready to offer you Activity Monitor – the only solution you need to track computer activities as well as time spent on the Internet for any user group.

Our powerful solution for tracking employee Internet usage is the best way to prevent personal misuse during working hours. Activity Monitor consists of server and client parts and is very easy to install and use. This powerful computer spyware has proved its excellent efficiency in monitoring various public networks and commercial organization LAN. Wherever you are currenly located, get real-time and accurate detailed stats on every step that your employees are doing online, including sent and received emails, IM chats in popular instant messengers, visited websites, used programs, typed keystrokes, etc.

User-friendly Internet tracking software offered by SoftActivity will help you create an efficient office atmosphere. Make your company work more efficient and avoid internet abuse on the workplace with Activity Monitor from SoftActivity.


Monitor Children Internet Usage, How to Monitor Internet Activity on a Home Network

June 15th, 2011

If you have children between 10 and 16 years old (the most vulnerable category), it’s very important to control their Internet use. While many online threats seem to be a bit overstated, keep in mind that the online world like a real one consists of a large number of things you may find to be potentially dangerous for your children. Just imagine that they are only one or two clicks away from online cheaters, pornography materials and offensive content every time they browse the Internet. That’s why there is an indisputable need to take full control over his/her computer activity.

Of course, keeping your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your home LAN is a complicated task, but SoftActivity is here to make it much easier for you. We take special pride by offering conscious parents SoftActivity Keylogger – an ideal spy software solution designed to be a perfect assistant when it comes to protecting kids from the harmful aspects of the Internet. This powerful monitoring spyware allows you to keep a watchful eye on your children activities 24/7.

We understand that child online safety is an extremely important issue and like any other concerned parent you want to know what your children are doing, which websites do they visit, whom they are talking to and so on. Our tracking computer program contains a hardly traceable recorder module that will capture any information – from the Internet URLs visited and keystrokes typed to emails sent/received and programs run, not to mention the screenshot saving function to tell you exactly when, how and what your kids did on the Internet.

Besides, SoftActivity Keylogger is a perfect solution to maximize the benefits from using computer and Internet resources. Actually, the Internet is a comprehensive source for the variety of information and tools that can be indispensable for child studying, social development and communication with friends. But are you sure your children don’t use your home PC to surf inappropriate websites? Being designed to monitor children Internet usage in real time, our full-featured spyware lets you know how your PC is used when you are away.


Computer Activity Tracking Software, Monitor Computer Activity Remotely

June 14th, 2011

Today various organizations ranging from schools and hospitals to commercial companies and large corporations rely on computer technologies in various aspects of their activities. But along with the convenient and easy access to computer and Internet resources this process has an opposite side. Recent case studies show that there is a considerable problem of computer and Internet misuse by employees and students.

The problem of an easy access to inappropriate and dangerous content of the World Wide Web is an important concern for parents as well. The number of children and teenagers using the Internet is rapidly growing every year. Luckily, the modern field of computer programs and software solutions has a very efficient weapon to offer you – computer tracking systems that allow to monitor any computer activity remotely and in real time.

With SoftActivity Keylogger you can control your kids and every their move on your home computer even when you are not at home. Whether you are in your office, on a business trip or vacation, you simply need Internet access to see what’s happening on the desktop of your home computer. This parental computer tracking software operates like a video surveillance camera recording your child online activity in real time and saving regular screenshots that can be sent as reports to your email address.

Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor can be a preferable choice for business owners, employers, school administrators and teachers who need to ensure a more productive and safe work environment.

Install our smart computer tracking systems – Activity Monitor, SoftActivity TS Monitor or SoftActivity Keylogger – on your home, classroom or office computers and enjoy peace of mind knowing about every computer move of your kids and employees.

Classroom Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Students Remotely with Activity Monitor

June 13th, 2011

Nowadays all educational establishments from schools and colleges to universities use computers in many aspects of the educational process for an easy and immediate access to the information. However, along with the useful information, there is a wide range of unfriendly, unauthorized and dangerous resources available. Another quite common problem is inappropriate use of school computers during studying hours, like playing online games, chatting with friends, etc.

Here comes the necessity in efficient solutions to monitor students, their computers and online activities to provide a more effective and safer studying environment. Take advantage of Activity Monitor from SoftActivity! It is extremely powerful and highly efficient classroom computer monitoring software to ensure overall control within your school network.

Activity Monitor will show you what your students are doing during studying hours. It records every single move on a remote desktop in real time, including websites visited, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, messages and emails sent and received, files downloaded, programs run, etc. An indisputable benefit of our classroom computer monitoring program is that it allows monitoring students in an absolutely secret mode, so that after you install and run Activity Monitor they will continue doing what they normally do without knowing they are under control.

A history function is also included: all reports are stored in one centralized location on the administrator’s computer. You can take advantage of SoftActivity LogViewer to view reports from the Central Logs Database in a convenient manner: they may come in an easy-to-understand HTML format for viewing in your browser or be exported to a MS Excel file for advanced analysis.

By monitoring students with Activity Monitor you can dramatically improve their performance and productivity. Prevent your students wasting their studying hours on computer games, social networking, conversations and other unrelated activities today.

Parental Control Spy Software, Parental Control Spyware from SoftActivity

June 11th, 2011

Life is hectic and sometimes we just have no time to pay a lot of attention to our children and their problems. One of the biggest concerns of conscious parents is that the younger generation doesn’t imagine the life without the Internet being involved in a wide range of online activities, which can be potentially dangerous for their mental and physical health. Using parental control spy software is one of the best ways to protect your child from possible online threats and know what he or she is doing on the home computer.

At SoftActivity, we take special pride by providing one of the best monitoring spyware for parents allowing them to be familiar with all activities their children perform whenever they are on the web. Actually, our SoftActivity Keylogger is a superb spying engine that runs in the background and tracks Internet usage in real time to alert you when your child is involved into something suspicious.

A good news about using our parental control spy software is that you can know when, how and what your children are doing on the Internet even if you are away. There is no need to constantly keep an eye on your kids to be aware of their computer activities. All recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file, which can be sent to your email address every few hours.

From now on you can control your child’s online behavior remotely and absolutely hassle-free. However, using our advanced Internet monitoring software is just a half the battle. Parents should talk with children about potential Internet threats to make sure they will never give out any personal details to strangers and arrange to meet anyone secretly. The more they know the safer they are while browsing online.