Parental PC Monitoring Program, Monitor Child's PC Use

August 20th, 2011

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday life and proved to be an excellent tool in many work, non-work related and educational activities. However, it hides multiple threats and, first of all, they concern kids and teens.

As a conscious parent, you have several options to choose from when protecting your children from online dangers. The first one is to disconnect your kid’s computer from the Internet. This is quite a radical method that will for sure offend your children and may lead to misunderstanding in your relationships. No doubt, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and they will seek access to the Internet at friends, school or wherever they go.

The next option widely used by parents is filtering. You can install a special filtering program or choose an Internet service provider which offers filtering options that will block websites with offensive or inappropriate content. However this won’t protect them from messaging and communicating with online strangers.

Fortunately, there is one more option that will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your children’s online behaviour when you provide them with access to the Internet – computer monitoring software solutions. Once you install such a software solution on your home computer, you can track kids’ online activity and whole computer usage to be 100% informed about all their actions in real-time.

At SoftActivity we take special pride by offering you one of the best parental PC monitoring programs available on the market today – SoftActivity Keylogger, a superb spying engine that runs completely hidden in the background and secretly records all URLs visited, keystrokes typed, programs run and passwords entered.

Spying on a Computer, How to Control Computer Usage with SoftActivity

August 19th, 2011

Computers and the Internet have become an indispensable part of modern life. These tools may provide a lot of benefits while making everyday life much easier. That’s why nowadays the majority of business fields are based on computing power and Internet resources and almost every household has at least one computer connected to the World Wide Web. However, with the great amount of benefits and convenience the Internet has brought, it has also opened doors to the new types of criminals like hackers and online cheaters.

A lot of people including parents, employers, teachers and school administrators are facing with the problem of Internet misuse, unsafe online surfing, sensitive information leakage, etc. and find themselves in a dire need of effective solutions and methods to deal with these issues. If you enter “how to control computer usage” or any other similar inquiry in the search bar of your favorite search engine, you will get a certain number of recommendations and monitoring software offerings. But how to choose an ideal solution for your specific requirements?

At you will find the range of spy computer programs for the variety of computer and Internet tracking needs – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor designed to access any computer from your remote desktop and monitor all activities performed.

With SoftActivity Keylogger you can control your kids and every their move on your home computer even when you are away. Whether you are at your office, on a business trip, on the vacation or just visiting your friends, you will need access to the Internet only to have a total peace of mind.

Activity Monitor can be a preferable choice when it comes to spying on computers within your office LAN. If you need to control computer usage of local and remote employees working via Windows Terminal Server, then you are advised to take advantage of our SoftActivity TS Monitor. It’s a full-featured Terminal Server sessions recorder solution that captures all user activities in real-time.

Employee Surveillance Software, Monitoring Employees on the Workplace

August 18th, 2011

Email and IM communications, web surfing, file transferring and a great variety of other business operations accomplished through the Internet have become an integral part of a typical employee’s daily work. In many companies computer facilities and Internet access come as indispensable means for conducting job-related processes. However, free and uncontrolled access to these corporate privileges may impose a great risk in information leakage and decreased productivity due to inappropriate activity during working hours.

Monitoring employees on the workplace is the first necessity if you wish to eliminate these risks and Activity Monitor from SoftActivity may be an indispensable tool for accomplishing this crucial task. It is one of the best employee surveillance software solutions available on the market today with the fullest possible set of advanced features and options.

By tracking every single user action, Activity Monitor will let you know about all aspects of employee behavior at their workplaces during working hours. In such a way you can have a peace of mind knowing that your computing property and Internet access you grant are being used exclusively for authorized tasks. Besides, our powerful employee monitoring program allows to get a live view of remote desktops. You can even start or terminate processes and turn any given computer off or restart it remotely.

Activity Monitor may also provide improved document security by allowing to record all file operations, including reading, copying, saving, writing, deleting, etc., on removable drives like USB flash drives or external HDDs. This will allow you to dramatically enhance overall safety of your intellectual property and confidential business information by preventing any possible theft or leakage.

Network User Monitoring Software, Monitor Network Activity with Activity Monitor

August 17th, 2011

Computer technologies, Internet resources and electronic communications are becoming more and more vital nowadays. However, the increase in number of employees equipped with computers and Internet access rises the risk of Internet abuse dramatically. This problem also concerns many different educational establishments from schools and colleges to universities and academies where a significant part of educational processes is based on computers and the Internet.

Employers and school administrators have to keep a watchful eye over users within their networks as many of them tend to use their working and studying hours for various unrelated activities. Our Activity Monitor is one of the best network monitoring software solutions available on the market that comes with all the necessary functions and features you may require to have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN.

No specific technical skills are required to install and run our network user monitoring software. Any computer within your network can be under automatic and around-the-clock surveillance, and there is no even the least chance to escape from our sophisticated network user monitoring program. It will work even if your employees or students remove their browser history, temporary Internet files or cookies.

From now on there is no need to spend a fortune on surveillance cameras, a set of additional equipment as well as on a monitoring team to keep a close watch on your employees or students behavior all the day long. Smart network user monitoring software Activity Monitor will perform all these tasks for you, reporting every computer move so that you can enjoy increased performance and productivity within your educational or business environment.


How to Track Network Activity, Track Internet Usage on Network with SoftActivity

August 16th, 2011

While being an extensive source of useful information, the Internet presents a certain risk to the overall employee productivity. With the availability of such sites as YouTube and Facebook as well as instant messengers (Yahoo, Skype, ICQ, Live, etc.), the Internet usage of many employees is not always work related. Do you suspect that company’s network resources are used inappropriately? It makes a good sense to keep constant track of what is going on in your LAN and what your employees are doing online when they’re supposed to be working.

If you would like to get maximum productivity from your employees, tracking network activity in real-time is the most viable option. SoftActivity is here to provide a simple yet cost-effective monitoring solution for employers and managers looking to control and track Internet usage during office hours.

We will show you how to track network activity on the workplace with minimum efforts involved getting the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. Our powerful monitoring software consists of server and client parts that are installed on all computers you want to monitor allowing you to find out what every employee is doing when he / she is supposed to be working.

Activity Monitor has proved its excellent efficiency while tracking network activity in various business emvironments. Due to real-time monitoring, you’ll have a live view of the remote desktops, can get access to visited wesites history and all programs started and run by all network members and many more. In addition, this advanced web tracking software includes a hidden keystroke logger allowing you to know everything user types in his/her emails and chats.


Best Child Internet Safety Software – Protect Children on the Internet

August 15th, 2011

Did you notice that when getting older, your children start to spend more time on the Internet that is quickly becoming an important part of their daily life? Frankly speaking, various social networks and chat rooms are one of the hottest online trends nowadays. As itself, social networking phenomenon doesn’t carry any harm, it just allows people to communicate with friends freely and on a regular basis. However, such sites are opened for everyone being not so safe as it may seem to be at the first glance.

As a rule, most parents don’t seriously think about possible threats that young users may face with while surfing the Web until it concerns them and their child privacy. Besides, it becomes more difficult to protect children on the Internet – teaching them how to behave online and installing a content filter isn’t enough any more. To ensure a safe online experience for your children you need to keep a watchful eye on their Internet usage.

If you suspect that your children are surfing inappropriate websites when you are away, welcome to SoftActivity! We are ready to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the best child Internet safety software that will alert when your kids are into something suspicious.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger contains a powerful built-in keystroke recorder that is designed to track and record everything for your reference. The list of what you can monitor includes, but is not limited to applications used, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, Internet surfing history, etc. In such a way, you have ultimate control over kids’ online usage to ensure they are protected 24/7.

If you are still not sure whether Softactivity Keylogger is an ideal solution for your child’s online safety, take advantage of its free trial version to track everything happening within your home PC during a 15-day trial period.

Home Computer Surveillance Program – Learn How to Track Computer Activity

August 14th, 2011

As a conscious parent, you surely want to know if your children are indeed safe when surfing the Web. You may also want to track kids computer activity to know if they spend their free time with benefit and don’t play computer and online games for hours instead of doing their home tasks.

It is obviously very hard to take total control over child’s computer and online life since you may have to spend many hours far away from your home – physically you simply can’t always stand behind their shoulders. That’s why, if you want to know how to track computer activity remotely and in real-time, we are here to provide you with the modern spy software solutions. At you will find one of the best home computer surveillance programs available on the market today – SoftActivity Keylogger.

With this powerful solution you will get to know everything your kids do on your home PC or their own laptops when you’re away: every keystroke typed, URL visited, file opened, program run, email sent and received – no single event will pass unnoticed. Due to the advanced IntelliSnap technology, our stand-alone home computer surveillance software may also take desktop screenshots – you will only have to do some minor setup changes to enable this feature and take automatic screen copies based on user activity with any necessary frequency.

SoftActivity Keylogger supports characters in all languages, so it can display emails, chats and texts in any language. It works properly on all modern Windows OS versions and doesn’t conflict with other programs and applications. There is hardly any other home PC surveillance program that can surpass SoftActivity Keylogger with regard to functionality, ease-of-use and flexibility.