Internet Usage Monitoring Tool: How to Monitor Home Internet Usage

November 30th, 2011

When your child has to do a research project or other homework assignment, the Internet is an indispensable source for useful information, isn’t it? As a rule, having access to the Internet at home, our children use it not only for educational purposes, but also to play online games, write emails, chat with friends, download music, share files, etc. But the indisputable benefits of the Internet don’t come without certain threats: sooner or later your child may receive offensive content in the mail, be redirected to adult related sites or, even worse, talk to strangers and be engaged into something suspicious.

SoftActivity is here to provide each and every conscious parent, who wants to know how to monitor home Internet usage, with an ideal spy software tool designed for effective parental control. Our SoftActivity Keylogger allows you to keep a watchful eye on what your children are doing on the Internet even if you are away. From now on you’ll know when they are involved into something suspicious receiving advanced reports to your email every few hours.

Our powerful Internet usage monitoring tool logs everything what is going on in your home network. Remotely and in real-time you get a full set of information on applications used, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed, Internet surfing history and many more. Moreover, a hardly traceable keylogger module records real-time conversations in Skype, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and IRC.

SoftActivity Keylogger works absolutely secretly and invisibly running at the background of your PC. A log file with all recorded information is securely encrypted while advanced reports are completely password-protected. In addition, it does not conflict with other software creating no files that can be seen on a hard drive, so children continue doing what they normally do.


Monitor Staff Internet Usage, How to Monitor Internet Usage at Work – Activity Monitor

November 29th, 2011

Have you ever thought how useful it would be if you can monitor Internet usage at work? As a rule, many employers can’t say exactly who abuses Internet access privileges during working hours. Do you know what your employees are doing on their computers when you are out of office? Are you sure they don’t use company network resources to surf inappropriate websites, play online games, chat with friends or do other non-work related activities online? If you can’t answer these simple questions, you are not alone. But let’s face it: without monitoring staff Internet usage, you expose your company to the risk of losing the overall productivity and leaking valuable private information.

Fortunately, new computer technologies make it possible to legally monitor employee online activities in real-time. Since Internet misuse has become a very dangerous trend nowadays, there are a lot of spy monitoring tools available for corporate surveillance. Would you like to prevent the loss of productivity caused by unreliable employees surfing the Web for personal purposes? You’ve come to the right place!

SoftActivity is here to provide each and every employer, who wants to be absolutely sure in his employees, with a powerful spyware solution designed to serve as your personal watchful eye. Our Activity Monitor will help you monitor staff Internet usage at work while delivering total control over your local network.

An advanced keystroke logger module for continuous tracking of activities on all network connected computers will record visited Internet sites history, emails and IM chat conversations, user’s keystrokes and passwords typed. Moreover, it creates a special log file to monitor file transfers/downloads and know what programs or documents and for how long your employees use during the day.

There is no need to be a computer genius to track your staff with our full-featured computer spyware. SoftActivity will show you how to monitor internet usage at work receiving one-click access to view everyone on your entire network from one central location.

Internet Usage Tracking Software: How to Track Employee Internet Use

November 28th, 2011

Why are there so many employers interested in tracking Internet usage at work? Nowadays, employees of virtually any company have access to the Internet during working hours. They spend a lot of time surfing the Web and websites they are visiting are often unrelated to their job. Even if you trust your employees and allow some private use of company’s network resources, it’s highly advisable to learn how to track employee Internet usage to protect your business from fraudulent activity.

Are you a company owner or manager, who would like to know what is going on in your LAN during working hours? Are you sure your employees continue working when you are away? Check this with professional Internet usage tracking software from SoftActivity! Our Activity Monitor is an efficient solution you need to find out if your networked computers are used for personal purposes. This remote spy software system consists of a server part installed on an administrator’s PC and a small client program that you can install on all computers on the local network you want to monitor.

Employee computer monitoring is a very sensitive field, but stealth technology makes Activity Monitor completely invisible for users monitored. Moreover, the monitoring process won’t be detected by popular antivirus products.

When it comes to tracking Internet usage at work, our spy program proves its excellent efficiency providing unmatched control and superior real-time monitoring. You can easily detect employees spending too much working time by chatting with friends, shopping online or surfing the Web for non-business purposes. Activity Monitor includes a hidden keystroke logger designed to record all activities performed on remote computers.

Take advantage of our powerful software to track Internet use and make sure you will have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your office LAN.


Monitor Internet Usage at Home

November 26th, 2011

Today’s children are the striking example of computer generation. It’s quite natural for them to spend their spare time on the Web and be happy with their virtual lives. That’s why, it becomes more and more difficult for conscious parents to control web activities of young users. You may wonder why is it so important to monitor child’s online behavior? Everything is simple: besides being the world’s biggest library and social community, Internet contains a lot of dangerous materials for immature minds.

As a rule, the worst nightmare for parents is that something bad may happen to kids or they were involved into something suspicious. Would you like to protect your child from possible online threats, but have no opportunity to keep a watchful eye on their movements every time they use a computer or surf the Internet? You’ve come to the right place! SoftActivity is here to help conscious parents start monitoring Internet usage at home 24/7.

Softactivity Keylogger works as your personal spy agent recording everything your children are doing online. This advanced program is designed to run invisibly even for computer savvy users (there are no processes in the Task Manager as well as no files that can be seen on a hard drive). In such a way, your kids continue doing what they normally do being sure you can’t trace them.

Our hardly traceable recorder module will tell you when, how and what your child did on the Internet. Our spy software package tracks everything typed on your home computer including emails, chats, website addresses, passwords, private documents, etc. You can even find out what your children are doing on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Many parents mistakenly think that it’s impossible to track Internet usage at home if they are away. With Softactivity Keylogger, you can monitor home computer activities from any remote location, being always aware of your child’s activities and communications.

SoftActivity Keylogger 5.1 released

November 25th, 2011
  • new: recording of files accessed by users on all drives: local, network, removable. Select monitored folders and change other settings on Files tab
  • new: recognizes external hard drives as removable and records file operations on such drives
  • new: exclude files/folders from future recording on Files tab in Reports Viewer
  • new: records group chats in Skype
  • new: improved and more reliable keystrokes recording algorithm, especially on 64-bit Windows editions
  • fix: chat in Windows Live Messenger sometimes was not recorded
  • fix: numerous improvements and minor fixes

Software for Monitoring Network Computers, Network Computer Monitoring

November 24th, 2011

Nowadays, when employees got virtually unlimited computer and Web access, the installation of network computer monitoring solutions has become one of the most crucial tasks for every business owner going to succeed in the modern highly competitive world.

SoftActivity offers you to take advantage of Activity Monitor – all-in-one software for monitoring network computers in real-time. Developed using the latest computer spying technologies, it allows you to enjoy unmatched control over your entire network environment – you’ll know exactly how your employees are using their computer and Internet access, what they send and receive online, what websites visit, files download, applications run, etc.

With Activity Monitor you don’t even have to be always physically at the office to see and know how your working process is organized. This smart network computer monitoring system operates like a video surveillance camera recording every computer move in a special encrypted log file.

Another competitive advantage of our Activity Monitor is its ability to run in an absolutely stealth mode leaving no trace on a hard drive and without indicating its processing in the Task Manager. It will start monitoring employee computers as soon as the operating system starts recording everything from the URL entered and keystroke typed to a file copied or sent.

In such a way, with Activity Monitor you get an extremely powerful and efficient tool at hand for monitoring your employees during office hours. From now on you can finally get rid of various concerns and worries by stopping or preventing your staff from wasting working hours and corporate IT resources on personal needs, online shopping, social networking, computer games and other unauthorized activities. If you wish to create a more productive and safe working environment within your company, consider using SoftActivity software solutions today.

How to Monitor Internet Usage on a Network: Software for Monitoring Internet Usage

November 23rd, 2011

Why do business owners and managers start monitoring Internet usage at work? Actually, when a computer network and Internet access is the essential part of your business, besides indisputable advantages with regard to communication and information sharing, it’s difficult to eliminate such a negative impact as Internet misuse during working hours. It is really hard to struggle against the temptation to surf the Web during office hours. But if you can’t prevent personal use of Internet at work, your company is exposed to the risk of intellectual property and trade secrets theft, sensitive corporate information leakage, decreased productivity and others.

As a rule, the majority of employees have access to the Internet at work. Do you know how much of your valuable business time is spent on personal needs and other non-work related activities? Lets assume that your managers are able to control a few employees, but how to monitor Internet usage on the network? This is where Activity Monitor comes into play!

SoftActivity is ready to provide your company with a complete set of spy software tools delivering total control over your local network If you are not sure that your employees continue working when you are away, this advanced program allows you to keep any computer in the network under constant control tracking each employee’s step.

This powerful software for monitoring Internet usage at work consists of server and client parts usually installed on all computers in the network you want to monitor. In addition, while having administrator privileges, you may tune Activity Monitor so that it will report you about activities on all corporate computers.