Internet Access Tracking: Monitor Internet Access of Employees

November 22nd, 2011

Are you providing Internet access on the workplace? Do you know that any time spent on non-work related activities may turn into productivity and valuable information loss? Using employee Internet tracking solutions is an excellent way to know what your employees do when they are supposed to be working. SoftActivity takes special pride by offering powerful employee Internet use tracking software allowing any manager/employer to monitor Internet use of employees with mininum efforts involved.

In fact, our Activity Monitor is able to meet the needs of almost any company. Whether it is a library public network, university or corporate network – this advanced Internet access tracking system offers efficient control making it possible to monitor Internet access of employees and students in real-time.

With our full-featured employee Internet use tracking software you are able to control inappropriate use of the Internet, protect your company from legal lawsuits as well as reduce liability risks. Activity Monitor may automatically track employee Internet use including website URLs visited, keystrokes typed, programs run, emails sent and received, etc.

Our Internet access tracking system consists of server and client parts that can be installed on all computers within the entire network you would like to monitor. All collected information is stored in a secret log file that can be even sent to your mailbox at predefined intervals.

Personal Internet Use at Work, Internet Use in the Workplace

November 21st, 2011

Personal Internet use at work is an issue that can be no longer ignored by employers and managers. Why? Can you honestly say, whether your employees waste time surfing the Web or spend office hours on work related activities? Simply look around. Do you know who is chatting with friends, reading news or doing other non-work related activities online and who is an ideal employee working as required? In fact, it’s common for employees to waste a large portion of their work time for personal needs.

Actually, it’s much easier to limit personal Internet use at work if your company has a strict policy on Web usage. But what if you haven’t placed any specific limits? Welcome to SoftActivity and we’ll show you how to keep your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN even if you are away. We take special pride in offering you Activity Monitor – our powerful spy software allowing you to control office Internet use in real-time.

While running in the corporate network, our Activity Monitor tracks all employee computers remotely and secretly allowing you to know what websites your users visit, what they type in their emails, what programs they run and other useful information. In such a way, you are provided with all necessary data on employee activity during working hours.

Moreover, taking full control over the networked computers, you can improve your data protection policy and avoid critical information leakage. If you have ever lost the confidential information, you know what we’re speaking about.

You probably don’t want to pay employees doing nothing and just surfing the web every day, do you? From now on you’ll never lose control over your staff online activity with our Activity Monitor.


Keylogging Program, Remote Keylogging Software from SoftActivity

November 20th, 2011

Do you want to know what your children do on the Internet when you’re away? Do you need to be confident that your employees devote all their time and efforts to their working tasks? Frankly speaking, a lot of people nowadays from parents to employers and network administrators face with the necessity to know how their computers are used. This problem can be easily solved by the installation of keylogging application on the computers you’d like to monitor.

If you’re interested in getting this kind of software with comprehensive functionality, yet easy-to-use at the same time, you’ve come to the right place! At we offer a comprehensive selection of remote keylogging software solutions for various needs and specific requirements – from monitoring a home computer (SoftActivity Keylogger), to providing total control over the LAN of computers in various establishments both educational and commercial – Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor.

An incredibly extensive set of advanced features and options, advanced usability, enhanced power and flexibility, intuitive interface and support of multiple language characters explains the fact that our keylogging programs have been successfully used in more than one hundred countries around the Globe.

Rest assured, all our computer keylogging software solutions are designed to be absolutely undetectable for even the most advanced computer users and run invisibly at the background. We take special pride that our Activity Monitor, SoftActivity Keylogger and SoftActivity TS Monitor are ranked among the best keylogging software solutions available on the market today. Particularly, Activity Monitor has won multiple awards from various authority Web rating agencies such as TopTenReviews, Softonic,, etc.

How to Protect Your Children on the Internet – Child Internet Protection Software

November 19th, 2011

Do you know that in accordance with the recent researches today’s children become active online users at 10-12 years. As a parent, you should know that providing child protection on the Internet can be a very challenging task. It’s quite natural for our young generation to use social networks to make new friends and communicate with them, play online games or just find necessary information online.

Actually, there is nothing wrong when your child takes advantage of indisputable communication and educational opportunities of the Internet, but how to protect his/her virtual activity from possible online threats? The only way out is to control what kids are doing on the Web, especially when you’re away.

SoftActivity Keylogger is considered to be one of the best child Internet protection tools that allows remote computer monitoring and keystrokes recording in real-time. This full-featured spyware solution works secretly and invisibly even for advanced computer users. In such a way, you can keep your kids protected from online dangers while eliminating invasion of their privacy.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger runs at the background of your PC and secretly records all the information related to this particular computer activity. Whether your kids are chatting with friends, surfing inappropriate websites or share private data, our child Internet protection software will record everything for your further investigation.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of enhanced reporting features of our advanced monitoring program. SoftActivity Keylogger can secretly send log files with all the information on when, how and what your children did on the Internet to you by email.

Network Internet Monitoring Software – Track Network Users with Activity Monitor

November 18th, 2011

Are you sure that your employees spend their working hours the way they are supposed to? As you probably know, today some employees tend to use computer and Internet access on the workplace for personal needs. Actually, even one hour spent on sending personal emails, online shopping, games and unrelated surfing through the Internet costs businesses thousands of dollars every year.

Are you interested in finding an effective tool to monitor your office network activity during working hours? Using Activity Monitor from SoftActivity can be exactly the answer you’re looking for! It is a full-fledged, yet easy-to-use network Internet monitoring software solution designed to track your network users remotely and in real-time from your administrative PC.

Activity Monitor can easily track up to several hundreds of network users and they will never know about this fact (unless you tell them) because the application runs absolutely secretly at the background. The whole system consists of two parts: server and client agents. As soon as you install Activity Monitor server part on your computer and client parts on every computer in your network, this network Internet monitoring program will instantly start working to fulfill its main function – keep you always updated about all network and computer activities.

That’s why, you will hardly find any other efficient and powerful tool to ensure overall control within your network and provide productive, efficient working environment than network Internet monitoring software Activity Monitor from SoftActivity.

PC Monitoring Software – Learn How to Monitor Computer Use with SoftActivity

November 17th, 2011

As you probably noticed, computers and the Internet have dramatically changed the way we communicate, handle various issues, do business, etc. taking the leading position in many aspects of our life and making us more and more dependent on these resources. However, this reality has created a new challenge: many business owners/managers, school administrators and parents are interested in finding the way how to monitor their computer use in real-time. Along with spending a lot of time on non-related activities by employees, students and kids, there is also another substantial issue – information leakage.

In such a way, the demand for PC monitoring software solutions has become really emerging nowadays. But how to choose the one meeting all your requirements to the fullest? It can be very easy, if you visit! We designed the range of cutting-edge computer spy programs – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor that will easily match all your needs without costing you a fortune.

SoftActivity Keylogger is an advanced PC monitoring software solution for parental control. It is fully packaged with all the necessary tools and modules to allow conscious parents keep 24/7 surveillance over their children online activity while remaining absolutely invisible. This program discreetly creates a special log file to record every computer move: keystrokes typed, passwords entered, websites visited, emails sent and received, etc.

Our employee and student spy software solutions Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor are based on almost the same techniques as SoftActivity Keylogger, however come with extended functionality and more opportunities like the ability to monitor an entire network with hundreds of computers involved in the working process.