Software to Control Another Computer, How to Control a Computer from Another Computer

April 27th, 2012

The Internet contains an enormous variety of theats and unsuitable information that may present a big concern for you, if you are a conscious parent, employer or school administrator. With you children, employees or students having unrestricted computer and Internet access, it’s quite natural to wonder what is going on on their computers when you’re not around. If you want to know how to control a computer from another computer, SoftActivity is ready to assist.

While SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured parental monitoring program designed to provide you with ultimate control over your home and children computer, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor come perfectly for network usage tracking needs in offices, schools and other establishments. All of our software products are based on the most powerful spying engine, technologies and latest advancements to give you the deepest insight into all computer and Internet activities performed, including: websites visited, emails sent and received, chat communications made, social networking, programs run, etc.

The built-in advanced IntelliSnap technology is another competitive advantage making SoftActivity computer control software solutions unique. In essence, it turns every single our tool into a surveillance camera allowing you to take regular desktop screenshots, remaining absolutely invisible. You can access these reports anytime you need or receive them to your mailbox.

All what you need to control another computer is to ensure that your PC is connected to the Internet. It’s only up to you to decide whether to let your children, employees or students know about the fact that they are monitored. When it comes for quality software to control another computer remotely, consider visiting

Network Computer Control Software, Control Other Network Computers

April 26th, 2012

The appearance of network computer monitoring programs and applications has meet the demand of the majority of business owners for knowing how their employees behave during office hours, especially when they have unrestricted access to company IT resources. These software solutions has completely changed the way employers and administrators execute control over their network performance and productivity by allowing them to take hand on the pulse of all network activities without their actual physical presence.

Indeed, knowing how to monitor and control other computers on network can open your eyes on the employee productivity. The further analysis of your staff behavior will help you create an efficient strategy how to eliminate Internet abuse in the workplace and increase overall staff performance. While searching for the right tool to monitor your network users, don’t be confused with a large variety of related programs available one the market – visit SoftActivity today!Read More

Program to Control Other Computers, How to Control a Computer Remotely

April 25th, 2012

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to find a company, educational establishment, social organization or any other structure without computers and Internet connection. These IT resources have become an integrated part of our life, playing a crucial role in almost all its aspects. However, unrestricted computer and Internet access on workplaces has caused a rather big problem of misuse and abuse of these resources. First of all, this concerns business owners, managers and school administrators when employees or students tend to spend much of their working or studying time on unrelated activities and surfing the Internet for personal purposes.

That’s why, today there is a stable demand in software solutions to control computers remotely and in real-time. As you probably know, there is another large group of people who are in a dire need of knowing how to control other computers from a remote location. Actually, we’re referring to conscious parents willing to have total control over their children online behavior to protect them from multiple virtual threats and offensive web content that are abundant on the Internet today.

SoftActivity is ready to cater for all these business and personal requirements by offering an extensive range of turnkey, all-in-one programs to control other computers in a home, office or school network remotely and in an absolutely stealth mode. Built using the latest spying technologies and coming with the fullest possible monitoring functionality, our solutions will let you have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your local network.

While our Activity Monitor comes as a highly efficient tool for tracking computer and online activities in the office or school LAN, SoftActivity TS Monitor is designed specifically for business owners with employees who telework from home or any other remote location and are connected via Windows Terminal Server or Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications. If you need to monitor your kids computer, then our SoftActivity Keylogger is an obvious choice for you. By tracking every their single step – from websites visited to keystrokes typed – it will help you protect your children from all possible Internet threats.

From now on, with the ability to control your computer users remotely, you’ll never have to worry what they are doing when you are away.


Network Control Software: How to Control Network Computers with Activity Monitor

April 24th, 2012

Maintaining a proper working environment within your office space means that you need to keep your hand always on the pulse of all working processes and factors that may influence their functionality. What many business owners and managers tend to control is how their employees spend office hours and use corporate computer and Internet resources. Regular computer and Internet abuse or misuse may lead to a significant decrease of overall business productivity and to some other crucial issues, including liability risks, fraudulent activities and sensitive corporate information leakage.

Don’t you have enough time to think over how to control your office network computer users? SoftActivity is here to assist. We suggest you to take advantage of our Activity Monitor – a sophisticated, all-in-one network control software solution designed to provide you with the deepest insight into your network performance, irrespective of your physical location.

Based on the turnkey spying engine and coming with a bunch of the most advanced monitoring features and options, Activity Monitor allows you to have ultimate control over your LAN, learning about every computer move your employees are doing. It works like a surveillance camera capturing every single event on your employee desktops, yet remaining absolutely invisible and undetectable even for your most tech-savvy staff.

Our network control program has a powerful built-in keystroke recorder that will let you know everything about email conversations, chat, IM and Skype communications made, passwords entered – actually, about every single key press in your local network. Unique IntelliSnap technology takes screenshots at your predefined time intervals and all the recorded files are later saved in a single centralized location on your administrator’s PC.

From now on, with our full-featured network control software you can release from one of your critical business issues – lack of control over your network user performance.


Setup of SoftActivity Keylogger with Avast! Free Antivirus 7

April 2nd, 2012
Monitor your Employees Computers:

Avast! Free Antivirus 7 may detect SoftActivity Keylogger on your computer as Potentially Unwanted Program(PUP) threat. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity Keylogger software. It only does what is declared in its features on the website, i.e. records your kids computer activity with parent’s permission.

To prevent Avast! Antivirus from detecting this threat you will need to exclude C:\Windows\syspkgwk folder from scans in Avast.

This article applies only for version 6 or newer of SoftActivity Keylogger. Upgrade to the latest version

Follow the steps below to exclude SoftActivity Keylogger folder from the antivirus and to install the monitoring software . Please note that you should configure Avast exclusions before the monitoring program installation.

Open avast! user interface

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Setup of SoftActivity Keylogger with Avira Free Antivirus 12

April 2nd, 2012

Avira Free Antivirus 12 detects SoftActivity Keylogger as unwanted program TR/Keylog. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity Keylogger software. It only does what is declared in its features on the website, i.e. records your kids computer activity with parent’s permission.

To prevent Avira from detecting this threat you will need to exclude SoftActivity Keylogger folder from scans in Avira.

Please follow the steps below to successfully install SoftActivity Keylogger and prevent detection by the antivirus.

1. Temporary disable Realtime Protection. For this open Avira Free Antivirus window (double click Avira icon in system tray or run from Windows Start menu – All Programs – Avira – Start Avira Free Antivirus) and click on the Realtime Protection switch to turn it off:

Temporary disable protection

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Remote Network Monitoring Software, Spy on a Remote Computer – Activity Monitor

April 2nd, 2012

The Internet offers an abundance of opportunities and advantages for various businesses to run efficiently, target a wider customer base around the Globe and increase their market share. That’s why, it’s so important to have your business connected to this “information highway” to stay abreast with modern technologies that may help you manage a profitable venture. Unfortunately, while providing employees with unrestricted computer and Internet access, many business owners face with the abuse of these IT resources by employees during working hours.

As you probably know, people easily get addicted to Internet entertainments such as online computer games, social networks, miscellaneous chat rooms and blogs, etc. Actually, those who are hooked up with the cyber world tend to use the Internet for their personal needs during office hours as well. As recent case studies show, the number of cyberslackers at work has increased dramatically throughout various business establishments. This may affect the overall staff productivity dramatically. So, if you suspect or know that your employees are loafing at their workplaces, you should take up some precautions to stop this negative tendency.

With the appearance of advanced remote monitoring applications for computers, it has become possible to control the activity taking place within the whole network. SoftActivity is here to provide you with a full-fledged computer monitoring software solution designed to help you track your staff performance in real-time. Our powerful Activity Monitor is a breakthrough spyware system that can be installed on any computer within your LAN to record all the employee computer and Internet activities.

From now on, you have a highly efficient tool at hand to spy remotely on all computers within your corporate network and discover inappropriate Internet usage while staying absolutely invisible. Activity Monitor logs the entire Internet surfing history, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed and keeps all this data on your administrator’s PC that can be easily accessed any time you need.

With our top-notch quality network monitoring software you don’t need any physical access to each of your office computers as you are able to control working performance of your staff remotely from any part of the world just reaching your Internet connected computer. You don’t have to possess any specific computer knowledge or experience either to install and manage Activity Monitor. Increase your business productivity and overall employee performance with the help of our turnkey remote monitoring software.