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July 25th, 2012

No doubt, the Internet has dramatically improved overall performance and management for various companies from virtually all business fields. The World Wide Web provides multiple opportunities to optimize a wide selection of day-to-day business activities, operations, transactions as well as various specific tasks, while allowing to spend less time and energy on their accomplishment. However, there is also a drawback of providing unlimited Internet access at the workplace, as employees tend to abuse their related privileges and use company IT resources for personal needs during office hours.

As you probably know, the Internet has a lot of distractions, and a large number of employees get easily diverted from the tasks they are supposed to do by various unrelated things, like online shopping, games, social networking, chatting, forums and many others. This creates a big concern for many employers as it may lead to significantly decreased staff productivity and a range of other crucial issues, such as sensitive corporate information leakage, liability risks, fraudulent activities, etc.

Are you also concerned with your employees abusing their Internet access on the workplace? Actually, the key to solving this issue lies in Internet monitoring software solutions use. The modern IT market may offer you a wide selection of programs and applications that are rather efficient in tracking employee computer and Internet activities to let employers and managers know instantly, when inappropriate use of company IT resources takes place. is an ideal place to find related solutions with the fullest possible functionality, yet at a reasonable price.

Our Activity Monitor is an all-in-one, advanced Internet use monitoring software solution designed to provide total control over your office computers and LAN. Operating as a surveillance camera, it records every single computer move in real time. The built-in high-end keystroke recorder allows you to find out everything your employees type in their emails, chats, social media, etc. And enhanced document security option means that you can see all file transfers performed on USB flash drives and external HDDs.

Whether you need to know how to control Internet use of employees who work remotely from home or during business trips via RDP, then our SoftActivity TS Monitor is an obvious choice. It is specifically designed for monitoring user activities in Windows Terminal Server sessions, Citrix shared desktop and others. You can use it in tandem with Activity Monitor to enjoy absolute control over your both local and remote staff.


Program to Control Internet Usage – Activity Monitor

July 24th, 2012

Employee activity monitoring seems to be one of the hottest trends among many business owners nowadays. Unlimited and unrestricted access to company’s IT infrastructure along with indisputable benefits has caused a substantial issue of Internet abuse during working hours. Recent researches show that over 80% of employees regularly use the Internet at their workplaces for personal purposes and almost 60% do it every single day. That’s why, many employers and managers consider that monitoring Internet usage within their corporate network is a key element to solving this crucial issue.

In such a way, today there is a high demand in stealth computer and Internet tracking software and one of the most powerful and effective among them you can easily find online at All our products have gained multiple awards from various authority Web rating projects including Softonic, TopTenReviews, Tucows, Snapfiles, etc.

We suggest you to take advantage of our Activity Monitor – a full-fledged, yet easy-to-use program to control Internet usage within your company LAN in an absolutely secret and invisible mode. This powerful spyware system will provide you with the most detailed information on what is going on in your local network, while giving your users no little signs of the fact that they are monitored.

The whole employee monitoring solution consists of two modules: a server part that is typically installed on the main administrator’s computer and client parts (Agents) – for all computers on the network that are supposed to be monitored. What’s also important, any network-connected computer can be easily monitored from a remote location. In such a manner, you can always have your hand on the pulse of every computer move within your office LAN, without leaving a workplace or when you’re away.

Instead of spending a fortune on video surveillance cameras, smart cards or any other visible monitoring solutions that obviously create a negative and uncomfortable atmosphere of being inspected and spied, install our smart stealth Internet usage monitoring software Activity Monitor today.


Kids Computer Tracking Software, Monitor Children Online Activities

July 20th, 2012

With all this harmful and inappropriate content that can be easily found in the World Wide Web, it is really important for conscious parents to monitor children online activities and ensure their ultimate safety. You can use any type of kids computer tracking software to perform this crucial mission, but here, at, we take special pride by offering you one of the best kids computer tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger with multiple advanced features and options to meet any your related requirements to the fullest.

As a multifunctional solution, our kids computer tracking software provides such advanced features as screenshot capturing, keystroke and password recording, program monitoring and website tracking – in other words everything required to ensure absolute protection of your children’s computer use. You can also set up SoftActivity Keylogger to send email notifications about their online activities and computer use as often as you wish.

Besides, our advanced kids computer tracking program comes with a stealth mode, so it operates completely invisibly for a user monitored. That’s why your kids will never know that you’re keeping a watchful eye on their online activities unless you tell them. SoftActivity Keylogger can’t be terminated manually even through a Windows Task Manager without specific administrative privileges.

While the Internet opens the world full of enormous opportunities for your children, it exposes them to possible online threats at the same. If you want to protect young computer users from even the smallest Web threats, start using kids computer tracking software to monitor your children activities. Rest assured, our all-in-one tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger is exactly what you’re looking for.

LAN Spy Software, LAN Spy Program – Activity Monitor

July 19th, 2012

Technological change made almost any of modern businesses dependent on computer and Internet resources. However, some employees tend to abuse their computer use during working hours that results in overall decreased productivity and critical information leakage. That’s why, it’s highly important for business owners and managers to use LAN spy software solutions to monitor employee online activities and the whole computer usage.

If you’re browsing the Internet in your search for a highly efficient and yet affordable LAN spy program, you’ve come to the right place! Here, at SoftActivity, you will be provided with one of the best LAN spy software Activity Monitor coming with necessary features and options included to have your hand always on the pulse of your office computer use.

From now on by installing our advanced LAN spying program on all computers within your network, you can have a clear picture of the way your employees use company computer and Internet resources: whether they are surfing the Web for personal needs, are engaged in social networking, shopping, playing online games, communicating with friends, etc.

Based on the turnkey IntelliSnap technology, this award-winning LAN spy program from SoftActivity also allows to see snapshots of remote desktops taken at any predefined time intervals. What’s also important, our monitoring software works in a completely secret mode – users can not neither terminate Activity Monitor Agent in Task Manager without specific administrative rights, nor see logs recorded.

If you are wondering what your employees are doing when they are supposed to be working, powerful and full-featured LAN spy program Activity Monitor is what you really need. Take ultimate control over every aspect of your office LAN, find out more about every single move performed with the Activity Monitor network monitoring tool.


Control Children's Computer with SoftActivity Keylogger

July 4th, 2012

For the last several years the Internet has become the biggest media resource around the Globe. However, unlike printed press, radio and TV where there are filters on what can be shown, said, done and written, the Internet comes absolutely unfiltered, and this results in substantial threats for under-aged users. Children may easily access web content and get in contact with people that they shouldn’t. There are plenty of websites on the web with inappropriate content, including tobacco and alcohol ads, racial and violent graphics and texts, hate groups, explicit material, etc.

Another widespread threat is various malicious spyware that can easily get into your computer system when your kids download any audio and video files, programs and applications, etc. While all these things appear on the Internet unchecked and therefore are easy to access for children, only parents are responsible for their online safety.

But how to control children computer remotely without offending them, as the most part of a day parents typically spend at work and when they are at home, they can’t simply stand behind? The IT field offers an extensive range of solutions available to solve these crucial issues – computer and Internet monitoring programs. In such a way, if you need an efficient, full-fledged and still reasonably priced parental control solutions, can be an ideal online destination to address all your requirements.

While understanding the importance of parental monitoring for the Internet and computer use and having mastered cutting-edge technologies and latest advancements in the computer world, we are ready to offer you one of the best parental spy software solutions available on the online market today. Our SoftActivity Keylogger will let you stay always aware of everything what is going on your home PC with minimum efforts involved.

It will run absolutely invisibly in the background and record secretly all keystrokes typed, passwords entered, websites visited, programs run and files downloaded. You can also view your children’s desktop in real-time or look through log files later. Another convenient option is to get reports emailed to you at regular predefined time intervals.


Stealth Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Computer Remotely with SoftActivity

July 3rd, 2012

There is an extensive variety of computer monitoring solutions available on the online market today, but you need to know that not all of them are created equal. Many cope well with the task of recording activities performed, however they always leave signs that some spy program is installed on a computer and its user is being under surveillance.

From the ethical, precautionary or any other point of view, there is a high chance that this fact will not satisfy you. If it is not enough to simply get records on user activities and you need software to track computer usage in an absolutely secret mode, then stealth monitoring solutions can be an ideal option for you. SoftActivity takes special pride by offering you all-in-one stealth computer monitoring solutions – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor – easy-to-use programs that will provide you with the deepest insight into what your users are doing when you are away.

Based on the latest IT spying technologies, all of our computer tracking programs represent smart tracking engines that run absolutely invisibly in the background and secretly record all activities being performed on a particular computer or network, from websites visited to keystrokes typed. Your children, students, employees or any other group of computer users will continue using the Internet and doing other activities without knowing that you’re monitoring them.

With our stealth computer monitoring programs you get highly effective tools to ensure around-the-clock parental supervision and guidance, prevent your students from doing unauthorized activities during studying hours, protect your business and intellectual property from information leakage, eliminate fraudulent activities and personal computer abuse. Whether you need to monitor your computer remotely and in a secret mode, is the only right way to go.


Setup of SoftActivity monitoring software with ESET NOD32 Antivirus

July 2nd, 2012

ESET NOD32 Antivirus may detect Activity Monitor or TS Monitor on your computer as Potentially Unwanted Program(PUP) or Win32/Spy.ActivityMonitor.D or Win32/KeyLogger.ActivityMonitor.AG threat. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity software. It only does what is declared in its features on this website, i.e. records user activity on the computers owned by your company. Recording is done with the computer owner’s permission.

To prevent ESET NOD32 Antivirus from detecting this threat you will need to exclude SoftActivity destination folder and/or thread name from scans as described below.

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