Computers and the Internet are indispensable facets of modern education

November 19th, 2013

Computers at school

In the modern era of public education, computers and Internet usage have become ubiquitous. You know as well as I, however, that the Internet isn’t the safest of places for children. That’s why public schools must take every necessary precaution to protect children when using these important instructional tools. In this post, I’ll explore modern public school Internet security.

Public School Internet Security is the Law (sort of)

Although there are no Federal laws requiring a specific level of general filtering or Internet security, schools are nonetheless still regulated, to some degree, by The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) of 2000. CIPA established pre-defined minimum filtering levels in order for schools to qualify for the government’s E-Rate program. E-Rate provides discounted Internet access to eligible schools around the United States. If a school opts out of CIPA compliance, they can’t receive funding for Internet access through E-Rate. Simply stated, CIPA requires schools to provide certain levels of protection to students from unwanted, obscene or otherwise detrimental Internet content. CIPA is funded through a tax collected on every phone bill in the United States.Read More