Network configurations supported by Activity Monitor

There are several possible ways to deploy Activity Monitor employees monitoring solution in a company: from a simple network with one manager and a few employees on their computers to a large corporation with multiple departments, thousands of workers and remote offices. Activity Monitor is a powerful employee monitoring software that supports different network configurations from 1 to 1000’s computers connected with either wired LAN, Wi-Fi or VPN.

1. Small office

Simple LAN with 1 manager and several monitored employee computers. No server machine is required. This configuration without a server machine, is only recommened with up to 50 monitored computers. For more computers we recommend installing Activity Monitor on a server machine (see medium office configuration below). Either Windows Domain with Active Directory or Workgroup configuration is supported.

Manager can install Activity Monitor in Server & Management Console Mode on their own computer. It will run in background and download logs from all monitored computers and put them into Central Logs Database located on this PC. Open Activity Monitor at any time to monitor remote computers in live mode or view usage history reports from the database.

Agent can be installed on monitored computers remotely from Activity Monitor by domain administrator or locally by running Agent installation file.

Activity Monitor simple diagram with VPN
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Employees that work remotely from home or travel with a company’s laptop can also be monitored if they connect to the office via VPN. If you don’t have a VPN, we recommend LogMeIn Hamachi – it’s easy to setup by just installing it on your office PC and on remote computers on the Internet. It’s been tested with Activity Monitor by us and our customers.

2. Medium office

Network with several managers and up to hundreds of monitored workstations connected in LAN. With more than 50 workstations and multiple managers, we recommend to install Activity Monitor Server & Management Console on a Windows Server machine. It will run in background and download logs and screenshots from all monitored computers and put them into Central Logs Database on the server. Administrator should open Activity Monitor on the server to install Agents, change monitoring settings for Agents, choose folder to the database, monitor computers in real time, etc.

Install Activity Monitor in Monitoring Console Mode on managers’ computers used for monitoring. It is a limited access mode, that does not allow a user to change Agent settings, install new Agents and will not download logs from remote computers. It is just used for live monitoring of remote computers, for which they know Agent password. Manager can view reports from the database located on the Server. To allow this, share the database folder on the server with Read access rights for this particular user account. Select the shared folder in Activity Monitor Settings as the database path. Click Open Central Log Database to view reports from the database located on the server.

Activity Monitor diagram medium network
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Remote employees that travel with a company laptop or working from home can be monitored via VPN connection.

Agent can be installed on monitored computers remotely from Activity Monitor by domain administrator or mass-deployed to via Group Policy in Active Directory. Read Activity Monitor Help for instructions.

3. Large offices

Corporate network with several departments and remote office(s). You can monitor thousands of workstations in a large company with multiple Activity Monitor Servers. This configuration basically represents several copies of the medium office setup above, where each department has its own Activity Monitor Server and managers monitoring workstations in their department.

Activity Monitor diagram large network
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To monitor a remote office you can install a local copy of Activity Monitor Server there on one of the computers. Then connect to that computer via Remote Desktop (RDP), TeamViewer, etc. to view logs and monitor computers. Another option is to have Activity Monitor Server download everything to the main office via VPN connection, but that can be a lot off traffic.