How to move Activity Monitor Server to another physical machine

Note: This article applies to older versions before 11.0 with the Webapp

You can take these steps to move Activity Monitor Server to another computer:

  • make sure that the new computer hardware and OS satisfies the system requirements for Activity Monitor Server. Windows Server is recommended for 50+ monitored computers
  • on the old machine switch Activity Monitor from Server mode to Monitoring console mode. This should stop further downloads of any new logs into the database. Make sure that SalogSrv service in Windows has stopped;

    Activity Monitor console mode
  • export Agents list to  .xml via File-Export menu;
  • on the new machine install Activity Monitor in Monitoring Console mode (Server mode off), enter your registration key(s) to activate the license. Set the same password in Activity Monitor, if you had any on the previous machine;
  • copy all database folder or move the physical hard drive with the database to the new computer. You can see the database folder path in Activity Monitor Options-Database tab;
  • on the new machine open Activity Monitor Options and point the database to the previously copied .salog file in the database folder;
  • import Agents list from the .xml file. Make sure Activity Monitor can connect to all Agents. You may need to re-enter Agent passwords if they were not imported with the .xml file;
  • switch Activity Monitor to Server Mode in the Options window. It will then starts downloading logs again in the new database;
  • go to Options->Other tab, and click Event Log link at the bottom. Verify in Windows Event log there is no errors for SalogSrv service;
  • click View Central Logs Database, apply filter for Today and verify that the most recent logs and screenshots have appeared in the reports;
  • to troubleshoot, go to Options->Other tab and click Debug log link. search the log for errors, or send it to SoftActivity support for analysis
  • uninstall Activity Monitor from the old computer