Exclude SoftActivity Keylogger parental controls from Antivirus

Most antivirus products do not detect any problems with SoftActivity Keylogger parental controls software. In fact, there is no virus or spyware in our SoftActivity Keylogger software. It only does what is declared in its features on the website, i.e. records your kids computer activity with your (as a parent) permission. Recordings are encrypted and can only be seen by you. We at SoftActivity do not have any access to the logs.
We recommend to add an exclusion in your antivirus to avoid detection and removal of SoftActivity Keylogger with any future updates of your antivirus product.

We have posted instructions for popular antivirus products here on the right side. If your antivirus is not in the list, follow these general instructions below.

The following instructions apply only for version 6 or newer of SoftActivity Keylogger. Upgrade to the latest version

  • To prevent any antivirus product from detecting, reporting or removing SoftActivity Keylogger from your computer, simply exclude C:\Windows\syspkgwk folder from scans in your antivirus
  • It is recommended to stop real time protection in your antivirus temporarily before downloading SoftActivity Keylogger
  • Then open Exclusions section in Settings in your antivirus, copy the folder name from here: C:\Windows\syspkgwk and add it to exclusions
  • Take into account, that browsing for folder will not show it, since it’s not created until the software has been installed. So, you will need to copy the name of the folder and paste it in your antivirus
  • If your antivirus does not allow entering folder name directly (only allows selecting a folder), then create the folder in Windows and select it
  • After the folder has been added to exclusions, simply download SoftActivity Keylogger and run downloaded file to install it on your computer
  • Enable real time protection in the antivirus if you have turned it off


June 28th, 2012