Install SoftActivity Keylogger on computers with McAfee Antivirus/Internet Security 2012

When downloading SoftActivity Keylogger on your PC with McAfee Antivirus or McAfee Internet Security 2012 installed, you can get the following warning message about Keylog-ActivityKey threat found in sklogger.exe file :

Warning message when trying to run downloaded file

In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity Keylogger software. It just notifies to you that a keylogger software is being installed. Click Allow in McAfee to continue installation.

After this you’ll have to re-download SoftActivity Keylogger again. But this time it will be allowed by the antivirus and you can install the monitoring program. Please use the main download link again, don’t use “Retry” button on browser’s panel.

During installation process of SoftActivity Keylogger you can receive one more warning message from McAfee. Click Allow button again:

Warning message during the installation process

Disable real time scanning

It is recommended to temporary disable McAfee real-time file protection before the installation of this software:

1. Click McAfee icon in system tray and select Open McAfee Internet Security

Open McAfee window

2. Click Real-Time Scanning link on the left. Then click Real-Time Scanning settings link on the right side:

Select real time protection settings

3. Click Turn off button:

Turn off real time scanning

4. After these steps you should be able to install and use SoftActivity Keylogger on your computer without any problems. McAfee will ignore presence of this software and will not notify monitored users.

5. Turn On Real-Time Scanning in McAfee

Exclude the installation folder

To prevent detection of any new threats in SoftActivity Keylogger product by McAfee antivirus in the future, we recommend to exclude the following folder from all scans in the antivirus: C:\Windows\syspkgwk

Unfortunately, some home versions of McAfee products do not allow excluding folders located inside Windows folder. In case your version of McAfee does not allow to exclude this folder, you can create a different folder, add it to exclusions and then install SoftActivity Keylogger there. We recommend C:UsersSKL folder (or “C:Documents and SettingsSKL” on Windows XP). Follow the instructions below:

1. Create C:UsersSKL folder on the PC, so you can then add it to exclusion lists. The folder should be created before the monitoring program installation. This folder will be hidden from monitored users after you finish with SoftActivity Keylogger installation

2. Add C:UsersSKL to exclusions in McAfee. Open McAfee configuration window, click Real-Time Scanning on the left, then click Scheduled Scan settings on the right:

3. Then click Excluded Files and Folders panel:

4. Click Add Folder button and select C:UsersSKL

5. Check that SKL folder appears in exclusions as below:

6. Download SoftActivity Keylogger file and save it to the Desktop or any other folder.

7. Right click saved sklogger.exe file and click Create Shortcut:

Create shortcut for installation file

8. Shortcut for the installation file will be created. Right click the shortcut and click Properties:

Select properties for shortcut

9. In Shortcut Properties window place cursor in the end of Target field. Then add one space and /DIR=”C:UsersSKL” after sklogger.exe

10. Click the shortcut to install SoftActivity Keylogger into C:UsersSKL folder. It is important to run exactly that shortcut, not the installation file itself in order to install SoftActivity Keylogger into new C:UsersSKL folder.

11. Don’t forget to enable McAfee real-time protection using instructions in first steps

February 20th, 2012