Setup Norton Antivirus exclusions for SoftActivity Keylogger

Norton Antivirus may report presence of SoftActivity Keylogger software on your computer and remove it. It’s doing it in case someone installed SoftActivity Keylogger on your computer without your knowledge to monitor. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity Keylogger software. It only does what is declared in features list on its website, i.e. records your kids computer  activity with parent’s permission. All recorded information is stored locally on the computer unless you set it to email reports. In this case it emails encrypted reports directly to the email address you specified using  the specified SMTP server.

As an authorized user of the computer you can prevent Norton Antivirus from detecting SoftActivity Keylogger and notifying monitored users. To install SoftActivity Keylogger on your computer to monitor your kids you need to add some excludes in Norton Antivirus. Follow instructions below to add required exclusions. The instructions are similar for Norton Antivirus 2013/2012/2011, but the actual user interface has minor differences.

UPDATE: (Sept 2012) Since version 6.0 of SoftActivity Keylogger we recommend instead of excluding threat names to just exclude the following folder: C:\Windows\syspkgwk. This will prevent Norton from detecting any new threats in future in SoftActivity Keylogger files on your computer

Temporary disable AntiVirus Auto-Protect of Norton Antivirus before downloading of SoftActivity Keylogger:

Right click Norton’s icon in the system tray and select Disable AntiVirus Auto-Protect

Tray icon

You’ll be asked about the duration. Select “Until system restart” – so protection will be enabled after next Windows start.

Now you can download and install SoftActivity Keylogger (see here for details)

After you have installed and configured the keylogger you need to add files to all exclusion lists of Norton Antivirus.

1. Right click Norton’s icon and select Open Norton Antivirus command

2. In the appeared window select Settings on Computer panel:

Norton main window

3. Click Configure[+] for Signature Exclusions item in the Exclusions / Low Risks section:

4. Add Spyware.ActivityLog item to the exclusion list:

5. Press Apply and then OK buttons on Settings page

6. Reboot your PC or simply enable protection in Norton Antivirus. SoftActivity Keylogger should not be detected or blocked anymore.

June 22nd, 2009