10 Reasons to Invest in Keylogging Software

Whether you own a business or are a busy professional balancing the demands of work and family, keylogger software can provide a powerful key to helping make life more efficient, secure and less uncertain

Whether you own a business or are a busy professional balancing the demands of work and family, keylogger software can provide a powerful key to helping make life more efficient, secure and less uncertain

Whether you’re a business owner or a busy parent or spouse, trying to balance career and family, there are plenty of reasons to invest in keylogging software like we offer at Soft Activity. In fact, although I was initially going to target this post only at business owners, I’ve since decided that doing so would be a disservice to consumer users, as there are plenty of compelling reasons to invest in keylogging software for both groups. Below are 10 reasons to invest in keylogging software, broken down into five reasons for business users and five reasons for consumer users.


1) Productivity: This is probably the most obvious reason for a business to invest in keylogging software. How are your employees spending their time on the job? Are they actually working, or are they wasting time, conducting personal business, or otherwise wasting your valuable time when they should be contributing to the bottom line?

2) Accountability: If you have employees who perform data entry or other work that’s extremely keyboard-intensive, keylogging software can be a boon to help establish standards for daily output and keep those employees on task. You can use keyloggers to compile data regarding how many keystrokes, words, etc., an average employee should be accomplishing per hour and per day. If you want to be more specific, you can also break it down into per-minute numbers.

3) Stay in the Know on Email Correspondence: As a business owner, the law grants you quite a bit of latitude in monitoring employee email – provided you have clear and detailed policies in place regarding that monitoring. Wondering why you might want to do so? Well, besides the obvious advantages in productivity, as a business owner, it’s important for you to know what kinds of emails are being exchanged between workers. Is there anything potentially harassing, discriminatory, or offensive being distributed? It’s important to have such information because there could be a discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile-work-environment, or other type of claim brewing right under your nose. And in the eyes of the law, ignorance is no excuse. Keylogging software can help spot such trouble in your organization and remedy it before it reaches the level of a formal complaint – or a lawsuit – to an outside body.

4) The Stealth Factor: Provided you have a solid written policy in place, you’re not obligated to let employees know precisely when or how often you’re actually monitoring them. The best keylogging software (like that offered by Soft Activity) allows you to monitor employee computers in the background, without their knowledge. Employees who know exactly when and how often they’re being monitored might only give their best effort when they know when they’re being watched. Stealth monitoring can thus allow you to obtain a clearer measure of your best – and worst – employees, as well as a more precise idea of what employees can achieve when properly motivated and focused.

5) Effectively Regulate Employee Internet Usage: Used in conjunction with filtering software, the best keylogging software can create a powerful tool in helping to keep inappropriate websites off of your networks. Blocking such sites can not only contribute to improved employee productivity but can also help you avoid downloading malicious code or software, which can wreck your network, requiring significant periods of lost productivity while you bring it back online. Such down time can create substantial drains on your bottom line.


1) Set More-Effective Internet Boundaries for Children and Teens: All parents would like to exert more control over what children and especially teens do on their PCs, laptops, or mobile devices. Of course, one solution might simply be taking away all of their computing devices or severely limiting access, but that seems impractical. In modern education, computers and mobile technology provide the backbone of effective learning. Without them, students would quickly fall behind. The next best solution then, is keylogging software. A keylogger will reveal exactly where your teen is surfing to on the Web, who they are emailing and what they’re downloading to their devices.

2) To Catch a Cheater: It might seem a bit unscrupulous, but so is cheating on one’s spouse or significant other. A good keylogger can covertly monitor your potentially unfaithful loved one, revealing what dating sites they might be visiting online, what they’re saying about themselves and about you, and who they’re meeting and talking to. If you think your spouse is engaged in an extramarital affair, a good keylogger program can help find out for sure. Simply install a good keylogger onto your significant other’s computer or mobile device without their knowledge and you’re ready to go.

3) Gather Evidence: Speaking of unfaithful spouses, a good keylogger won’t just empower you to catch them in the act but will also allow you to compile valuable evidence of infidelity – evidence that’s potentially admissible in a divorce proceeding. Keyloggers create a permanent electronic record of your loved one’s activity online.

4) Remote Access: The better keyloggers (like those sold by SoftActivity, for instance) allow remote access to the computer you’re watching at a predetermined interval of time. Remote keylogging software allows you to capture a screenshot of the computer you’re watching, providing you with instant feedback about what your teen daughter, for instance, is doing on the Internet while you’re at work and she’s at home, sick, supposedly studying schoolwork.

5) Permanent Records: In addition to the benefits provided by remote keylogging software, keyloggers in general allow you to create permanent records (at least, as permanent as you want or need them to be) that can be used to gather long-term data regarding what websites your children or spouse have visited or regularly visit. You can also record every keystroke, chat conversation, and email and every program or app downloaded or run on the computer(s) you’re monitoring. Those abilities make keyloggers a powerful tool for a busy parent, spouse, or professional, allowing you to effectively balance the demands of domestic and work life and keep everyone safe, efficient, and happy.

By Frank Winston, SoftActivity

Photo by Intel Free Press (Flickr)

May 19th, 2014