Best Child Internet Safety Software – Protect Children on the Internet

Did you notice that when getting older, your children start to spend more time on the Internet that is quickly becoming an important part of their daily life? Frankly speaking, various social networks and chat rooms are one of the hottest online trends nowadays. As itself, social networking phenomenon doesn’t carry any harm, it just allows people to communicate with friends freely and on a regular basis. However, such sites are opened for everyone being not so safe as it may seem to be at the first glance.

As a rule, most parents don’t seriously think about possible threats that young users may face with while surfing the Web until it concerns them and their child privacy. Besides, it becomes more difficult to protect children on the Internet – teaching them how to behave online and installing a content filter isn’t enough any more. To ensure a safe online experience for your children you need to keep a watchful eye on their Internet usage.

If you suspect that your children are surfing inappropriate websites when you are away, welcome to SoftActivity! We are ready to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the best child Internet safety software that will alert when your kids are into something suspicious.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger contains a powerful built-in keystroke recorder that is designed to track and record everything for your reference. The list of what you can monitor includes, but is not limited to applications used, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, Internet surfing history, etc. In such a way, you have ultimate control over kids’ online usage to ensure they are protected 24/7.

If you are still not sure whether Softactivity Keylogger is an ideal solution for your child’s online safety, take advantage of its free trial version to track everything happening within your home PC during a 15-day trial period.

August 15th, 2011