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Professional Internet activity monitoring software is the best way to record employees computer and Internet usage secretly for any government, private or educational organization. You should probably know that very often a majority of office employees spend their work time playing online computer games, chatting or downloading music or video files that are not concerned with their work. If you don’t have special remote PC monitoring program installed on your office computers, your employees can easily get access to prohibited and illegal Internet material instead of working. Without special Web monitoring tools your company productivity will gradually decrease and you will not even guess why. And our best Internet monitoring program is created to prevent unauthorized computer and Internet usage.

We are almost confident that with the help of our Web monitoring tools you will get a lot of useful information about your colleagues. Don’t forget that your employees can even install inappropriate software that can result on traffic overload and can cause serious problems with whole network functionality. Our professional Internet activity monitoring software will provide you with full information about undesired Internet activity of your employees and allow your network administrator to prevent employee’s access to inappropriate content.

We offer you professional Internet activity monitoring software that will keep you safe from illegal access to important data or installing of undesired software on computers that you own. Our remote PC monitoring software is one of the best Web monitoring tools available on the market today. Being professionals in developing of spy software we are proud to offer you one of the best Internet monitoring program that will track your employees’ online activity and you will get total control over the content accessed from your corporate network.

By using our remote PC monitoring software you will get an opportunity to get compete control over your employees’ activity during their work time. You will be able to track the history of visited Internet websites, used applications, emails, chat conversations, etc. in real time.



May 6th, 2015