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Do you really know what your children are doing online, who they talk to and what private information they share? Are you sure your kids are safe while they are surfing the Internet? In the circumstances when your children are exposed to various online risks on a daily basis, the best way to keep kids safe online is to regularly monitor their Internet use. SoftActivity is ready to provide all conscious parents with SoftActivity Keylogger – the best Internet parental control software solution to monitor and protect your children online without any hassles.

Be sure, our SoftActivity Keylogger is a superb spyware solution for the effective parental control of the Internet usage allowing you to ensure the best Internet security for your children. From now onwards, you can have a peace of mind as our powerful parental software for Internet surfing provides you with all necessary options to track your children computer and online activities as well as to organize a safe and friendly Internet environment for them.

Our best Internet parental control software comes with a completely invisible to your children and hardly traceable recorder module that will tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet. This professional parental control software for Internet surfing can help you protect your children from unwanted communications and prevent them from viewing inappropriate materials as now you can keep an eye on every their online move including chat conversations, emails sent and received, websites visited, files opened and much more.

Frankly speaking, without an extensive parental control of the Internet usage and without your participation in your children’s Internet activities, you can hardly keep them safe while they are online. However, by choosing the best Internet parental control software from SoftActivity, you will know exactly what you kids are doing online any time of a day.

November 2nd, 2009