Business Network Monitoring Software, Control Internet Usage in the Network

In the modern era of computer and Internet technologies, every business needs highly efficient tools to ensure ultimate computer privacy and security. It’s more than imperative to control Internet usage in the office LAN to prevent computer abuse and important information leakage. As the latest statistical researches show, employees tend to spend a big part of their working time on various personal and non-work related activities, like online shopping, chatting, social networking, playing virtual games, etc. Without the proper reaction, such a tendency may lead to significant decrease of overall productivity or, even worse – to sensitive corporate information leakage.

Modern computer monitoring programs intend to help business owners and managers to handle these crucial problems effectively. While having the common main purpose of tracking employee activities, monitoring solutions however may vary dramatically in the number of features and options integrated, flexibility and ease of use provided and, of course, pricing. If you are looking for a powerful, mutlifunctional and still reasonably priced computer monitoring software for your business needs, SoftActivity is the only online destination you may require.

While having a solid experience in spy software development, we are ready to offer you two sophisticated business network monitoring solutions – Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor designed to provide you with ultimate control over your corporate LAN.

For the local network monitoring needs, we suggest you to take advantage of our Activity Monitor. It allows to track dozens of computers in real time and remotely from a single administrative location. If you are running a mid-sized of large business that has expanded to multiple locations, then you will probably need to monitor computer and Internet activities in your Terminal Server sessions. Our SoftActivity TS Monitor will come in very handy for these specific tracking needs. It is a sophisticated sessions recorder that works perfectly with Windows Terminal Server and Citrix shared desktop.



January 3rd, 2013