Child Computer Monitoring Program: Control Kids Computer Usage

There are so many places on the Internet where children can be exposed to various threats. That’s why it is rather important to learn how to monitor children Internet activity to keep them safe and protected. SoftActivity will help you meet this challenge by offering a powerful, yet easy-to-use real-time child computer monitoring program that will provide you with around-the-clock control over kids computer usage even when you are away.

Actually, our SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured child computer monitoring program that runs invisibly in the background while your kids browse online, so they continue doing what they normally do when they are absolutely sure you can’t trace them. In such a manner, you can control your kids computer usage and Internet activities without breaking their privacy before they go into something suspicious.

SoftActivity Keylogger has the fullest toolkit and a huge variety of the most advanced features allowing you to perform total control over kids computer usage and have peace of mind ensuring their online protection. Once you install this real-time child computer monitoring program on your computer it will provide you with the information on websites visited, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, programs run, files downloaded and even capture every keystroke and password typed.

If you are interested in keeping your kids safe from various Internet threats, take advantage of our full-featured real-time child computer monitoring program SoftActivity Keylogger coming with a 15-day free trial version.

August 24th, 2010