Child Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Child Computer Use, Monitor Your Children Online

As parents you should realize that though the Internet can be an amazing place with useful information for your children, there are also some shady sides of the Internet that can badly influence child mental and physical health. Because of this reason it is essential that you monitor your children online and know how they are spending their time there. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with powerful child computer monitoring software to ensure total control over your kids’ online activities.

Actually, monitoring your children on the Internet can be as difficult as monitoring other important things they do daily. However, our SoftActivity Keylogger is all-in-one computer monitoring software for parents designed to monitor child computer usage with ease. It tracks just everything: sent and received emails, conversations made, programs run, website URLs visited and many other computer activities.

Moreover, our child computer monitoring software can be installed in a few easy steps and later run at the background so you can monitor your children online without being detected. You may rest assured that even if you are away, you can set up our SoftActivity Keylogger to send detailed reports on what your children do on the Internet with regular screenshots to your email address.

As there are numerous online threats increasing in number every single day, more and more parents wish they could monitor child computer use in real time. With our full-featured computer monitoring software for parents, you are fully equipped to monitor your children online and ensure their online safety at any time when they turn on their home computer.

March 9th, 2010