Child Online Protection Software: Protect Your Children Online

Do you know how to protect children online when they surf various websites and talk to online strangers? As many conscious parents today are concerned about what their children do online and whom they come in contact with, is here to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – powerful child online protection software that gives parents the control they need to monitor children online activities and ensure their safety.

Our full-featured software to protect children online is designed to provide peace of mind for concerned parents. Basically, SoftActivity Keylogger is a computer spy software solution that invisibly tracks every computer move including websites visited, emails sent and received, passwords typed and programs run. All recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file that you may get as a detailed report to your mailbox every few hours to analyze all the activities performed on your home PC and protect your children online.

Knowing how to protect children online should be a major concern for parents as you can not only keep your child safe but also protect valuable data on your computer. Our child online protection software runs absolutely invisibly so you can protect your children online without even being detected.

Children are going online today at an early age and sometimes it may seem that they know more about the Internet than their parents. However, this fact doesn’t change the responsibility to protect our children online. If you are a conscious parent, take advantage of our advanced spy software to protect children online and you’ll know when, how and what they do in real-time.

August 27th, 2010