Child Online Safety: Child Web Monitoring, Monitor Child Web Activity

Are you concerned about your child’s online safety? You are not alone! As the World Wide Web is completely unregulated and open for virtually anyone, child online safety is one of the most important issues for conscious parents today. is ready to provide parents with all-in-one child web monitoring software allowing them to monitor child web activity and make sure they are safe while browsing the Internet.

Actually, if your children spend too much time on the Internet playing online games, chatting with friends or just surfing web pages, our SoftActivity Keylogger can be the answer you are looking for. Monitoring child web surfing and keeping your kids safe online is much easier than keeping them safe offline: just install our powerful child web monitoring software on your home computer and get the complete control over online activities of your children even when you are away.

SoftActivity Keylogger is a computer spy software solution that invisibly creates a log file to track every move of your children allowing parents to ensure child online safety without any hassles. This advanced child web monitoring program is designed to run invisibly and can send real-time computer activity reports to your mailbox every few hours. In such a way, by monitoring child web surfing with SoftActivity Keylogger, you don’t have to wait until you get home to find out when, how and what your children did on the Internet.

Ask yourself whether your children are safe when surfing the Internet? Child web monitoring is the best way to keep a constant eye on your kids and ensure their online safety. With our full-featured software for monitoring child web surfing, you have an ideal solution at hand to know what your children are doing on the home computer and protect them from possible online threats.

July 31st, 2010