Child Online Protection, Child Identity Theft Protection, Child Protection Software

It is now evident that the Internet has become a significant part of our everyday life and work. Nowadays we hardly imagine our everyday life, communication, team work and leisure time without computers and WWW. But there is another side of a coin: the Internet also has a dark underbelly. Parents have to be aware of all dangers, not just those which exist with Web content, but also that are in chat rooms, email communication, Web applications, etc. All the above mentioned points deal also with child identity theft protection and child protection from the internet scammers.

In order to provide really effective child online protection, we need child protection tools that will allow us to prevent people with evil intent from gaining access to our children and doing harm to them. SoftActivity is ready to provide parents with powerful child protection software to protect your children to the highest extent.

One of the main advantages of our child protection software is that along with its high efficiency and the variety of additional features it has wizard-style interface to make your child protection as easy as possible. Child protection software from SoftActivity works in absolutely invisible mode as it is a hardly traceable key logger and keystroke recorder that provides you with all the information about your child online activity in real time.

Our child protection solution is computer spy software that invisibly creates a log file to track everything starting from Internet URLs visited and ending with saved screenshots of your child’s online activity.

October 24th, 2008