Children Computer Monitoring: Children Online Safety, Online Safety for Children

The Internet is a wonderful way to learn, have fun, keep in touch with friends and just relax or explore. However while exploring the Web, children may be exposed to inappropriate materials from numerous adult sites, emails and even chat rooms. With such negative trends of today’s online community, the major parental concern is how to keep children safe on the Internet. SoftActivity is here to provide all parents with the feature-rich children computer monitoring program designed to ensure children online safety and protect them from the dangers and hazards of the Internet.

Actually, as many parents don’t know enough about the Internet and new technologies, it may seem not that easy to ensure online safety for children and protect them in their Internet activities. Our Softactivity Keylogger is a full-featured solution that runs in the background and provides parents with control over their kids online and computer activities they need to keep children safe on the Internet.

With our powerful children monitoring software you can find out just exactly what your children are doing on the computer when you are away. In fact, SoftActivity Keylogger secretly traces URLs visited in browser, keystrokes typed in any program, chat conversations made, received and sent emails, etc. As this advanced program runs absolutely invisibly, you have the ability to ensure your children online safety without an obvious intrusion in their private life.

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and knowing how to keep children safe on the Internet is the vital necessity and main responsibility for parents. Our professional children computer monitoring software works very effectively allowing parents to ensure online safety for children and protect them from violence and inappropriate content while browsing the Web.

January 27th, 2009