Classroom Computer Monitoring Software: Monitor Students Remotely with Activity Monitor

Nowadays all educational establishments from schools and colleges to universities use computers in many aspects of the educational process for an easy and immediate access to the information. However, along with the useful information, there is a wide range of unfriendly, unauthorized and dangerous resources available. Another quite common problem is inappropriate use of school computers during studying hours, like playing online games, chatting with friends, etc.

Here comes the necessity in efficient solutions to monitor students, their computers and online activities to provide a more effective and safer studying environment. Take advantage of Activity Monitor from SoftActivity! It is extremely powerful and highly efficient classroom computer monitoring software to ensure overall control within your school network.

Activity Monitor will show you what your students are doing during studying hours. It records every single move on a remote desktop in real time, including websites visited, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, messages and emails sent and received, files downloaded, programs run, etc. An indisputable benefit of our classroom computer monitoring program is that it allows monitoring students in an absolutely secret mode, so that after you install and run Activity Monitor they will continue doing what they normally do without knowing they are under control.

A history function is also included: all reports are stored in one centralized location on the administrator’s computer. You can take advantage of SoftActivity LogViewer to view reports from the Central Logs Database in a convenient manner: they may come in an easy-to-understand HTML format for viewing in your browser or be exported to a MS Excel file for advanced analysis.

By monitoring students with Activity Monitor you can dramatically improve their performance and productivity. Prevent your students wasting their studying hours on computer games, social networking, conversations and other unrelated activities today.

June 13th, 2011