Internet & Computer Activity Control Software: Monitoring Computer Activity, Monitor Internet Surfing

Parents caring about their children as well as company managers looking for effective time management and increase of company staff productivity may be interested in getting powerful tools for monitoring computer activity of their children, students, employees, etc. SoftActivity suggests to take advantage of our full-featured Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor designed to allow you monitor Internet surfing and all PC activities of any user, at any given moment and from any location.

Actually, is the number-one online destination for Internet and computer activity control software solutions that will help you to find out the truth about other users online activity, recording their emails sent and received, chat conversations made, websites visited, programs run, etc. into a special log file. While you monitor Internet surfing of your employees, children and students with Activity Monitor, you considerably lower the risk of an unauthorized access, abuse and online fraud.

The installation process of our Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor is very easy and doesn’t require any specific skills from you. Our monitoring computer activity system consists of a server part that can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and client parts for all computers on the network you want to monitor.

Combining industry-leading tools and powerful features, Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor has proved its excellent efficiency by increasing the overall productivity of businesses where it was used to monitor Internet surfing and computer usage in the local networks. Besides, this powerful tool for monitoring computer activity from SoftActivity allows you to be always aware of your employees computer activity at any given moment.


February 5th, 2010