Computer Activity Monitor, Monitor Online Activity, Software to Monitor Work Activity

Corporate theft is one of the most threatening problems for any company nowadays. More and more companies begin to realize that they can be under a considerable risk of corporate sensitive information theft from employees. What is the most unpleasant here is that you never know who exactly the source of information leakage is.

If you are a business owner or company manager, you need to take care of minimizing the risk of information theft while at the same time not making your honest employees feel as if they are being penalized for the wrongful actions of others. An ideal solution in this situation could be monitoring of online activity of your employees with the help of software to monitor work activity. Computer activity monitor from Deep Software Inc. will help you to monitor online activity of your employees and find out which one of your employees is not absolutely honest with you.

One of the most common ways to defend against employee theft is to make your company’s zero-tolerance policy very clear in your standard hiring process. Although this is certainly not a guarantee that employee theft will not happen, it can be a good deterrent for those who would not normally consider taking office supplies or other small items home with them to be a matter of theft. You can then simply monitor network activity with the help of our powerful computer activity monitor software and check whether your rules really work.

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to take other measures to minimize the risk of employee theft. Of course, you can install video cameras around the office, but you have to be ready to pay a considerable sum of money for these devices and their monitoring. Deep Software Inc. is here to provide our clients with effective and powerful software to monitor work activity that will perfectly monitor local network and secure your company sensitive information to the full extent.



May 6th, 2015