Computer Activity Tracking Software, Monitor Computer Activity Remotely

Today various organizations ranging from schools and hospitals to commercial companies and large corporations rely on computer technologies in various aspects of their activities. But along with the convenient and easy access to computer and Internet resources this process has an opposite side. Recent case studies show that there is a considerable problem of computer and Internet misuse by employees and students.

The problem of an easy access to inappropriate and dangerous content of the World Wide Web is an important concern for parents as well. The number of children and teenagers using the Internet is rapidly growing every year. Luckily, the modern field of computer programs and software solutions has a very efficient weapon to offer you – computer tracking systems that allow to monitor any computer activity remotely and in real time.

With SoftActivity Keylogger you can control your kids and every their move on your home computer even when you are not at home. Whether you are in your office, on a business trip or vacation, you simply need Internet access to see what’s happening on the desktop of your home computer. This parental computer tracking software operates like a video surveillance camera recording your child online activity in real time and saving regular screenshots that can be sent as reports to your email address.

Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor can be a preferable choice for business owners, employers, school administrators and teachers who need to ensure a more productive and safe work environment.

Install our smart computer tracking systems – Activity Monitor, SoftActivity TS Monitor or SoftActivity Keylogger – on your home, classroom or office computers and enjoy peace of mind knowing about every computer move of your kids and employees.

June 14th, 2011