Computer Control Program for Employers, Remote Computer Control Program, Monitor Employees PC Activity

Poor employee productivity is a significant issue business owners and managers are facing widely nowadays. And one of the main factors negatively influencing it is the usage of company computers and Internet resources during working hours for personal needs. That’s why a growing number of employers are turning to advanced computer technologies to monitor their employees’ PC activity and Internet usage and know what they are doing when they’re supposed to be working. SoftActivity is here to provide you with the full-featured computer control program for employers Activity Monitor designed to ensure ultimate control over your local network.

In fact, we designed our remote computer control program for employers with the main purpose to perform detailed monitoring of a particular PC or entire local network without requiring a physical access to the computers being under control. In such a manner, by having a computer with an Internet connection, you will be able to monitor your employee PC activity in real-time from any location, even when you are away for a business trip.

Based on the latest spy software technologies, Activity Monitor allows you to record URLs of websites visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, programs run, etc. – in other words PC and Internet usage in full. Whenever an employee abuses computer or Internet usage during working hours, our sophisticated remote computer control program for employers will let you know about this fact for further actions.

From now onwards your personal presence is no longer required to monitor your employee PC activity and Internet usage. Simply install our state-of-the-art remote computer control program for employers and it will do everything for you.

April 14th, 2010