Computer Keylogger, Advanced Keylogger Software from SoftActivity

Computers have become not only the indispensable helpers in our daily work – they are also a part of our life both for children and adults. Today we communicate, find information, work, entertain ourselves and, of course, educate using computers. But, on the other hand, computers and Internet can be the cause of tremendous distraction and even a source of various threats.

In order to keep control over your children computer activity and be aware of their life, reliable computer keylogger is required. SoftActivity is here to provide our clients with advanced keylogger software that includes the internet explorer keylogger in addition to other useful features. At SoftActivity you will find powerful keylogger for your computer as well as advanced local network keylogger software.

Computer keylogger from SoftActivity is the effective computer and LAN monitoring program that can be used by employers to track their office network activity and, of course, parents to control their kids’ online behavior. With the help of internet explorer keylogger from SoftActivity, the employers can significantly improve their company productivity as our software will provide them with unmatched control over employees daily work.

Educators, who fail to protect their students from non-educational Web materials, face with this problem as well. This includes legal liability, negative publicity, wasted money due to non-productive use of equipment (excess lines, routers, disk storage and printers, unreliable or slow connections, etc.), and, of course, the human costs, which are incalculable.

March 25th, 2009