Computer Keystroke Logger Software, Invisible Keystroke Logger from SoftActivity

Spying on someone is not something that people typically do willingly. But there are various cases where we have to do this, for instance, to protect our children, ensure a productive employee working environment or proper computer and Internet access usage by the students during academic hours. In all these or any other related cases you will need to keep a strict check on user computer and surfing activities.

In essence, computer keystroke logger software is a specific program that records every single activity on a computer, including every keystroke and mouse click. Typically, it runs undetected monitoring all activities in a stealth mode.

Our Activity Monitor is focused mainly on business network monitoring needs. It can ideally match various businesses from small companies to large corporations that have one thing in common – the necessity to keep the whole working performance going at the optimum level. In fact, many employees tend to spend some part of their paid working hours on personal needs, like online chatting, shopping, surfing web forums, social networking, etc.

Even one hour per day spent on non-work related issues can lead to a significant profit loss for a company. More harmful and dangerous cases are online gambling and corporate information leakage. With our employee keystroke logger software you can eliminate all these substantial issues and encourage your staff in the better performance and overall more productive working environment.

SoftActivity Keylogger is designed for parental control, however it can perfectly serve business needs as well. This all-in-one spy package will provide you with an absolute control over your children by telling you what, when and how they use their computer and Internet access whenever you’re away.

January 25th, 2012