Computer Monitoring in the Workplace, Employee Spying Software, Real-Time Computer Monitoring Software

Decreased employee productivity and Internet abuse in the workplace are rather important problems that many businesses are facing with today. Indeed, nowadays it has become a wide-spread trend as current generation of employees assumes it is normal to do personal tasks when they’re supposed to be working. In response, employers refer to modern technologies including employee spying software to see what is going on in their office network during working hours.

If you are also concerned about your employee inappropriate behavior and need an effective tool for computer monitoring in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is here to offer you one of the most powerful real-time computer monitoring software solutions available on the market today – Activity Monitor – designed to be a superior, multi-functional engine and provide you with the deepest insight into what your employees are doing.

In fact, computer monitoring in the workplace is quickly becoming a popular method among company managers and business owners to create a proper working environment and ensure that employees are working as they are supposed to. Activity Monitor will let you know in full details about all computer and online activities of every member of your staff. It will record every web movement of your employees (including the duration of every activity), take screenshots in any given time intervals and provide you with a log that you can scan through later.

With Activity Monitor you can also keep track record of all activities in your LAN. If this is performed in your company environment, you’re absolutely eligible to review the content. Our employee spying software records all messages sent and received, chat and instant conversations made, programs run, websites visited, etc.

As a real-time computer monitoring software, Activity Monitor makes it possible to have a live view of remote desktops. What’s more important, it allows you to start or terminate remote processes and even turn a computer off or log off a particular user, if you notice any inappropriate or dangerous event occurring that requires an immediate action.

Unlike many other monitoring solutions, such as surveillance video cameras, smart cards, biometric scanners, etc., Activity Monitor runs in the invisible mode without employee knowing about its existence unless you tell them.

November 26th, 2010