Computer Monitoring of Employees, Software to Monitor Employees – Activity Monitor

If you run a company where almost all business processes are based on computer and Internet use, then it’s high time to think about how to prevent misuse of these corporate resources by your staff and protect your intellectual property and trade secrets. SoftActivity is here to address any your related needs. We are ready to offer you powerful yet easy-to-use software to monitor employees – Activity Monitor designed to eliminate personal and fraudulent activities during working hours and increase staff productivity.

With our smart network computer monitoring software and keylogger no single computer action performed by your employees will be left behind your eyes. Activity Monitor instantly records everything what is going on within your office computer network, including Internet surfing history, online communications, inbox and sent emails, software and applications run, keystrokes typed, etc. as well as duration of every activity.

All logs recorded are stored in one centralized location on your computer, in highly encrypted Central Log Database, and then can be viewed and analyzed at any time or delivered to you in the form of reports.

We have designed Activity Monitor as an absolutely invisible software solution to monitor employees: you can have total peace of mind knowing that no one from your staff will detect it unless you tell them. The latest version of Activity Monitor allows several administrators or managers to have control over networking computers in real time and simultaneously that is very useful for companies with large staff and several departments. Enjoy convenient and effective computer monitoring of your employees with all-in-one keylogger software from SoftActivity.

January 29th, 2011