Computer Monitoring Programs, Computer Software for Monitoring

Computer monitoring programs have become more and more popular during the recent years and are used not only at offices, but also at schools for internet activity monitoring. In order to find out how it is important to perform internet activity monitoring in schools, a case study was conducted in one of the US high schools to determine what problem exists while using school computers and find out a solution of this problem.

The test was conducted in stealth mode to prevent users of the computers knowing that their activity was monitored. By the end of a day, more than 2000 violations had been detected. The volume of violations kept growing; to the staggering number of over 20,000 in two weeks. Consider that these violations occurred on only 480 computers within a school of 1600 students. Such situation is a commonplace at the US high schools and any school administrators are aware of this level of misuse of their school computers. Deep Software Inc. is ready to provide you with an ideal solution of this problem – powerful computer software for monitoring students online activity.

Our effective computer monitoring program provides the flexibility to configure different modes of operation, such as real time and accurate detailed stats of what your students do, screens of the remote computers, typed keystrokes, visited websites history, used applications, emails and IM chats, etc. Our computer software for monitoring allows to record all the activity to a central log database and even more.




May 6th, 2015