Computer Monitoring Spyware: Monitor Computer Usage, Computer Monitoring on the Workplace

Usually, while the majority of employees make their work responsibly, there are always some slackers who play PC games, browse unrelated websites, perform online shopping, chat with friends and do other non-work related computer activities that may badly affect the overall productivity of your staff. If you would like to know who among your employees is spending the most time surfing the Internet, chatting or sending personal emails, etc. you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to offer you computer monitoring spyware created to monitor computer usage and control local office network remotely.

Basically, our Activity Monitor is designed for invisible computer monitoring on the workplace enabling business owners and managers to secretly track and record all computer and Internet activities of every employee. Moreover, by allowing you to find out how your company Internet resources are used, our computer usage monitoring software helps you prevent computer abuse during working hours and improve overall productivity.

Be assured, whatever website your employees visit, with our powerful computer monitoring spyware you are able to control every their online step as an outstanding built-in keystroke logger records all employee Internet and computer activities in real time. What is the most remarkable is that you can monitor computer usage and get accurate detailed stats on what your employees do from one central location.

Actually, you should consider that what seems to be harmless personal use of your office computers at a first glance can contain substantial financial, legal and other risks. Computer monitoring on the workplace is the most effective solution to ensure ultimate control over your staff online activity. Take advantage of our professional computer usage monitoring software and protect your business from information leakage as well as significant loss of productivity.

March 8th, 2010