Computer Network Monitoring Software

Computer network monitoring by employers has become a rather popular activity among both small businesses and large corporations. In any case, it is not just an employer’s whim – it’s a must for any company who doesn’t want to suffer from a poor performance of its employees because of the unrelated activity on a work place. In order to monitor employees’ online activity during the working day you need a powerful computer network monitoring software. is ready to provide you with powerful computer monitoring spy software to get a total control over your company staff.

If you receive some related statistics, you will be most likely shocked how much productivity is lost because of employees casually surfing the Web during their work hours. If you want to find out what do your employees do during their working day, when they are supposed to do their work, computer monitoring spy software from Deep Software Inc. is probably an ideal solution for you. Your employees internet activity monitoring with the help of our remote computer monitoring software will also improve your company security.

Activity Monitor computer network monitoring software allows to get full information about particular computer usage and limit the overall Internet activity of employees to business related websites. With the help of our remote computer monitoring spy software you will be perfectly aware of any local network activity.

Even if you are not a computer genius, you can easily use our computer network management and monitoring program as it has very easy-to-use wizard-style interface.

May 6th, 2015