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Do you know what a common problem today’s employers and parents have? Yes, this is the necessity to control their users’ computer and Internet activities in order to prevent misuse and abuse of these IT resources as well as keep them away and safe from various online threats. While filtering and blocking everything inappropriate is virtually impossible and standing behind your employee and children backs will obviously seem very offensive, remote and stealth monitoring of their activities may be the perfect way out.

Whether you are going to spy remotely on a home computer or your company entire network, SoftActivity is ready to offer you the solution matching any your related needs and requirements to the fullest. We carry the comprehensive range of advanced, yet affordably priced computer remote monitoring software solutions for children, employee and student activity monitoring needs. From now on, you can track every single computer move in your local network while staying absolutely invisible and undetected.

Let’s take a closer look on each particular product available online on our website. SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful, fully functional computer monitoring tool designed specifically with the most demanding parent needs in mind. With the cutting-edge built-in keystroke recorder, it will let you know everything about your children online conversations in chat rooms and social networks, what websites do they visit, files download, games play, programs use and even how much time do they spend on each particular activity.

While Activity Monitor is an ideal spy software solution to monitor employee computers in the office LAN, SoftActivity TS Monitor comes perfectly for those business owners and managers who face with the necessity to monitor computer and Internet activities of employees teleworking from home or any other remote location. Both solutions will provide you with the fullest and deepest insight into the way your employees behave when they are supposed to work.

Take a chance to ensure your children absolute online safety and improve your employee productivity dramatically with powerful, yet easy-to-use monitoring solutions from

June 6th, 2012