Control Children's Computer with SoftActivity Keylogger

For the last several years the Internet has become the biggest media resource around the Globe. However, unlike printed press, radio and TV where there are filters on what can be shown, said, done and written, the Internet comes absolutely unfiltered, and this results in substantial threats for under-aged users. Children may easily access web content and get in contact with people that they shouldn’t. There are plenty of websites on the web with inappropriate content, including tobacco and alcohol ads, racial and violent graphics and texts, hate groups, explicit material, etc.

Another widespread threat is various malicious spyware that can easily get into your computer system when your kids download any audio and video files, programs and applications, etc. While all these things appear on the Internet unchecked and therefore are easy to access for children, only parents are responsible for their online safety.

But how to control children computer remotely without offending them, as the most part of a day parents typically spend at work and when they are at home, they can’t simply stand behind? The IT field offers an extensive range of solutions available to solve these crucial issues – computer and Internet monitoring programs. In such a way, if you need an efficient, full-fledged and still reasonably priced parental control solutions, can be an ideal online destination to address all your requirements.

While understanding the importance of parental monitoring for the Internet and computer use and having mastered cutting-edge technologies and latest advancements in the computer world, we are ready to offer you one of the best parental spy software solutions available on the online market today. Our SoftActivity Keylogger will let you stay always aware of everything what is going on your home PC with minimum efforts involved.

It will run absolutely invisibly in the background and record secretly all keystrokes typed, passwords entered, websites visited, programs run and files downloaded. You can also view your children’s desktop in real-time or look through log files later. Another convenient option is to get reports emailed to you at regular predefined time intervals.


July 4th, 2012