Control Remote PC with Software Solutions from SoftActivity

No matter what type of a business you run, if you wish to maintain a profitable and competitive venture you should work hard as well as keep your staff working efficiently every single day. As a proactive business owner you need to ensure unparalleled working environment for your employees and provide all necessary facilities that may help them make their job as required. Computers connected to the Internet are among those indispensable options that may benefit business in terms of improved productivity and communication between existing and prospective clients.

While enjoying unrestricted computer and Internet access some employees may abuse this essential advantage during office hours. Unfortunately, this is a common case and may affect overall business performance dramatically. You shouldn’t be dazzled by a quiet working atmosphere within your office and better take some efforts to control remote PC activity in real-time.

SoftActivity is here to provide you with top-notch quality computer monitoring solutions that allow to track all computer activities within the entire office network. Our team of IT professionals worked hard to create all-in-one computer applications that are designed to make overall tracking as easy as 1-2-3. Simply install an agent module on computers you’d like to monitor and get real-time detailed statistics on websites visited, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed, programs run, etc.

With Activity Monitor you can spy on any remote PC connected to your office LAN that will help eliminate employee Internet abuse and increase overall productivity. From now on tracking remote PC performance is not a complicated task with our full-featured application that may become an indispensable feature of your office life.


June 29th, 2012