Corporate Computer Monitoring, Corporate Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Corporate Internet Use

Whether you are concerned about what your employees are doing online during working hours, how much time do they spend for personal use or how they are using corporate network resources, think about corporate computer monitoring with SoftActivity. We are proud to offer you Activity Monitor – our all-in-one corporate monitoring software allowing you to have total control over your local network and monitor corporate Internet use with minimum efforts from your side.

Actually, today, when providing your staff with Internet access has become a business necessity, monitoring corporate Internet use is essential for administrative purposes as well as for improving employee productivity and ensuring business data integrity. Our powerful corporate computer monitoring software is designed to monitor corporate Internet use and all employee computers within your local network in real-time from one centralized location while ensuring your complete invisibility.

Rest assured, Activity Monitor provides you with all the opportunities for corporate computer monitoring even if you are away from the office. You will have complete corporate Internet use control to monitor employee web browsing during working hours and know everything about who they talk to, what documents they open and transfer, what applications use, etc.

Our Activity Monitor coming with the comprehensive set of monitoring and reporting features has proved its excellent efficiency in increasing overall productivity of companies where it has been used to track local networks. Take advantage of our advanced corporate computer monitoring software to monitor corporate Internet use with ease and protect your company from poor productivity and information leakage.

August 26th, 2010